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Griselda Tello began her formal training under the guidance of her mother, Kasandra Martell. Griselda's art represents over 45 years of painting and teaching experience.

"Although painting is my first love, assemblage art figures have become an essential spiritual practice. I love the process of sculpting with polymer clay and working with textiles, yarn, fibers and found objects; creating a context where magic begins."
-Griselda Tello

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The Natural Artist

We think that the age old vehicle of storytelling through visual art is an ancient universal language; one that belongs to all people.

By its nature, creativity is intrinsically accessible to all of us. By itself, it requires little more than our own permission to unteather it.

We know that as a vehicle for our creativity art is also a visual medium for telling our stories, but this is only the prelude. It is not the language itself.

While learning how to tell our own stories we are encouraged by artists that have practiced and mastered their skill sets in their chosen art field. Artful Gathering Instructors are selected for this special calling; one that asks of them to share their private world, intimately and openly.

We believe that learning from others in a natural and unscripted setting reveals the fluid and candid nature of the process leading up to a finished work. This is why our workshops are project-orientated so that you can learn the process by seeing the process from start to finish.

Creativity does not discriminate in order to function. It can exist in a small cubby of your family room as comfortably as it can exist in a dedicated art studio. We welcome your curiosity no matter where you create.

When celebrated and practiced, we believe that artist to artist learning helps us to preserve the authenticity of creavity. We dearly cherish this time we spend with you each summer and we passionaltely encourage you to be the natural artist you are meant to be.



As part of this year's presentation Artful Gathering is celebrating Southwestern and Native Cultures.

While our instructors are working on the production of their workshop presentations, they will be free to explore these themes as part of their class subject matter.

Our Workshop schedule will be published March 1, 2018

Workshop Registration Opens May 1, 2018.

Several in depth video tutorials are included with your $5 Registration. Starting on May 1, 2018 you will be invited to access this brand new video tutorial by Zinnia!

Learn how to create hand sculpted bangles that will make beautiful bracelet fillers for your turquoise bracelet stacks!


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