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Photos posted to this gallery must only include artwork created by students from Artful Gathering workshops. Please do not post works in progress. Do credit yourself as the artist and give credit to your instructor/class. Photos of products, promotions, websites or store links are prohibited and will be moderated. Photos of previously created projects from Artful Gathering workshops are welcomed.

Photos in all of our galleries may be selected and featured in our newsletters. All gallery photos are eligible and may be selected for a random prize giveaway!

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My Tassels & Tiaras: A Winged Wonders Doll Projects Artful Gathering Class by Hally Levesque- Butterfly Dolls

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  • Thanks, Zinnia.  She's my blue and yellow tiger swallow butterfly.  I saw a picture of an actual blue and yellow tiger swallow butterfly and fell in love with the colors.

  • So sweet! One of my favorite color combos is yellow and blue! What a treat to see your work in this color theme!

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