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Luthien Thye Presents

The Elven Tree

S1-121 The Elven Tree
Luthien Thye
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $150

“The Lady of Eryneth cast one final spell. Slowly but surely, the enchanted Elven Kingdom of Eryneth shimmers into oblivion. The forest returns to its original form as if nothing has changed in nearly a thousand years. The soaring glittering Elven trees have all but gone, the towering archways carved out of the ancient forests' canopies are no more, and the Great Hall of Eryneth is now just a bare meadow in the shadows of the forest.

The Lady of Eryneth cast her eyes down to her hands, which bore a box, not too large. This box was created from the strongest white stone she could find on this land. The Lady lovingly touched the Elven Tree carved on the cover of the box. It reminded her lovingly of the ancient trees in her Kingdom, the Kingdom that is now no more. She slowly opened the Elven Tree window and peered inside. The Lady sighed. She then walked towards a large stone boulder which used to mark the gateway to the Kingdom of Eryneth. The Lady closed her eyes and chanted something under her breath. With one simple spell she hides the box within the large boulder, unseen by common eyes, but will reveal itself when the time comes. One day, perhaps a thousand years from now, someone shall find the box and its secrets within. For now, the box sleeps, and waits … for the Chosen One.”

This was how “The ElvenTree” was conceived. One rainy afternoon as I was looking out of my window daydreaming, this story came like a moving montage of pictures, so quickly that my mind had to grasp whatever it could remember. This year on Artful Gathering it gives me great pleasure to share this enchanting creation with you. As I filmed the videos of the makings of the box, the journey brought me back to the Kingdom of Eryneth. Like that fateful rainy afternoon, I was once again spellbound by the images in my mind's eye.

The techniques that I will be sharing with you :
- How to make your own box
Yes! with pieces of wood from scratch. And you only need a cutter to do this, believe it or not!
- How to sculpt the Elven Tree-of-Life window. One that you can peer through its branches. What's more, it opens too!
- How to create the 'stone' texture with an unconventional texturing medium
- How to create subtle coloring in the 'stone'
- How to create faux studded metal corners in 2 different ways

- How to create the 'ravaged by time' look
- How to install all the essential hardware

SO come, one and all … join me on this wonderful and magical journey of “The Elven Tree”! Who knows, perhaps you might be the Chosen One, the one that would open the box and find within the secrets of the Lady of Eryneth.

Optional Add-ons:
Optional Kit: Yes. Available directly from your instructor while supplies last.
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Keith Lo Bue Presents

Paper it Over

S1-122 Paper it Over: Collaging the Found Object
Keith Lo Bue
Session One: June 6 - July 17
Tuition $150

This exciting new online workshop will allow participants to leap off of the two-dimensional collage surface and attach to, encase and embellish the wide world of dimensional objects!

Working with found-object artist Keith Lo Bue from his ‘Studio Stuffsmith’ in Sydney, students will learn the proper - and archival - methods of adhering new and antique papers - plus a lot more - to metal, glass, plastic, wood and much more. Whether you love jewelry, sculpture, painting, collage, or simply want to give your artwork a shot in the arm, join Keith to paper it over!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Penny McDonald Presents

Of Spent and Aged Things

S1-123 Of Spent and Aged Things: Reclaiming the Abandoned
Penny McDonald
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $110

Do you collect things? The strange, the discarded, the old? Have you ever wondered how you could use these wonderful items in your artwork? Do you dream of moving beyond the flat canvas and into the third dimension? Join me in “Of Spent and Aged Things: Reclaiming the Abandoned” this summer on Artful Gathering.

You will learn to use epoxy clay, texture, textiles and paint to meld numerous disparate found objects into one unique, darkly whimsical work of art: your own nature inspired cage doll.

This class is suitable for all levels of students from the beginner to the experienced. I will take you on a mixed media assemblage journey; guiding you step by step through the process - from finding “found objects,” to demonstrating tools and construction methods, to texturing and painting techniques.

I’m so excited to share the transformational process and experience of mixed media assemblage with you. Come with me and create something you may have never before dreamed possible!

Optional Add-Ons:
Kit: Yes. Kit will be offered directly through your instructor while supplies last.
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Sandy Babb Presents

An Artist Field Kit

S1-124 An Artist Field Kit
Sandy Babb
June 6 – July 17
Tuition $130

Necessity is often the mother of invention and that is how this class project came into being.

After many failed attempts at finding the 'perfect for me' solution for creating art on the go and meshing that with my love of spending time in and being inspired by nature, and the fact that mixed media, well has a LOT of media, I needed a solution.

That solution needed to be small enough to carry around without being a burden but large enough and versatile enough to accommodate my many mixed media moods: Painting, Stitch, Collage, Art Journaling, Jewelry Making, and even my penchant for gathering and collecting bits of nature to use in my work.  What I basically wanted was a mini traveling studio.  

An Artist Field Kit is just that!  With some simple adjustments to the contents, which will be demonstrated for you, it can meet your creative needs wherever you may wander.

In this class you will learn box construction in the form of a faux leather book that will essentially become your mobile studio.  

The book box has pockets, ties, and compartments that will house all your traveling studio needs. You will also be making a customized art journal and a Plant Press to accompany this nature themed project.

Class techniques will include:

-Book Box Construction
-Faux Leather Technique
-Simple Book Making/Binding
-Dyeing Fabrics & Papers
-Altering Metals
-Wire Work
-Unique Handmade Embellishments

All within what is sure to become your favorite "book" and heirloom.  

Explore collage using vintage papers and ephemera.  Work with easy wire wrapping, using simple added touches that create unique embellishments.  

Create textures, patterns, and colors on papers and fabrics, alter metals to have that aged worn patina to enhance your traveling studio.  

Stitch beautiful organic images.  Paint touches of the natural world to accent your project.  

Make and bind your own custom art journal.  Most importantly, have fun, play with the design, go off the grid and make this project you to fit your needs.  

Plus I have included 3 bonus projects:

A needle keep, personalized paint pallet, and gathering bag to store those bits of nature collected on walks.  

This class is for beginners or the experienced artist. While the techniques are not new ones, I hope you will see them used in a a new way to grant you creative freedom on the go.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.

Sumiyo Toribe Presents

Experimental Watercolor

S1-125 Experimental Watercolor
Sumiyo Toribe
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $100

This class introduces watercolor techniques using various materials: plastic wrap, tissue paper, cheesecloth, sand, rubbing alcohol and watercolor ground.  The textures created by these materials can be incorporated into unique, negative and positive shapes.

The class is not about traditional watercolor techniques, which need years of training to achieve quality work, but these experimental watercolor techniques allow you to create intricate details and textures without any training.  It’s not about depicting realism accurately, but more about using your imagination and creativity.  Once you learn the techniques, they can be shared and enjoyed with all ages and level of skill. 

This class is suitable for all levels from beginner to expert.

I learned this technique during a college painting course when I was 18 years old.  The outcome was so amazing and exciting, so I’ve been teaching this technique for 16 years, helping many of my students make great art. 

Basic techniques are introduced at the beginning:

Wet on wet

Brush strokes

Lift out

Rolling brush marks

Making edges from outside


Tilting paper

Masking fluid

Use of Chinese white paint

Rubbing alcohol test

Watercolor ground (white ground)

Color scheme

Color and value contrast

Relative color and value

Value patterns


  • The class starts by using 4 different experimental materials: plastic wrap, cheesecloth, tissue paper, and sand.  Understand each effect and texture.
  • Incorporate traditional watercolor painting with experimental watercolor.
  • Use a watercolor ground to incorporate the textures created by experimental watercolor with a recognizable image.
  • Experiment with alcohol swabs to create a dandelion painting.
  • Create large format paintings using the experimental watercolor techniques.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Debby Anderson Presents


S1-126 Chatelaine
Debby Anderson
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $145

In the 18th and 19th centuries, women in charge of their estates wore a decorative clip of long chains holding important household items about the waist. These items were things like the key to a pantry where valuable tea, spices and food were kept; a small notebook; sewing items; a magnifying glass; or maybe a watch, nail file, or compass. The earlier waist-hung items were referred to as “equipage”, later evolving to “chatelaine” in the early 1800s.

I look forward to sharing these projects as we are inspired by past historical ornate beauties to create our own individualized “Chatelaine” Charm Holder Pendants. Our focal pendant/holder will be created while repurposing beautiful Art Deco Shoe Clips, Dress Clips, and/or Fur Clips, as well as vintage rhinestone Brooches, etc. I will share techniques to tastefully and securely solder embellishments while respecting the historical nature of these beautiful vintage gems! We will shape, manipulate, forge, and work-harden wire and solder to hold your tiny lockets, vintage shoe buttons and gems to just name a few.

Part two of “Chatelaine”… we will be working with air dry sculpting clay, molds, paint, antiquing methods, embellishments, gems; lace, seed beads, etc. to create one of a kind miniature Victorian inspired hand charms. Once you create them you will be inspired to design them in so many ways using lots of tiny embellishments.

As always... there will be a bonus project that I am sure you will love!
This is such a fun and exciting class to let your artistic ideas fly!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Pam Gracia Presents

Isadora Duck

S1-127 Isadora Duck
Pam Gracia
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $65

Isadora is a little  mohair duckling art project that you will learn how to create using a variety of techniques and applications that include little clay features and glass bead eyes.  You will learn how to create her base and also how to make those adorable pose-able wings, a sweet crown, and a magical wand!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.

Karen O' Brien Presents

Stuff of Dreams

S1-128 Stuff of Dreams
Karen O’ Brien
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $125

Let's explore the magic of intuitive painting to create the "stuff of dreams." I will show you how to use a basic primary color palette and a variety of mixed media exercises and tools to make a mysterious background. I will cover painting  creative faces and combine the two into an 11"x14" character painting. We will then use our painting as a jumping off point to create a pattern and ultimately,  a mixed media doll, using even more amazing fabric techniques.  Playing with paint, collage and fabric...that is the Stuff of Dreams!

I have designed this class for all skill levels, taking you with me - step by step, but with plenty of inspiration for intermediate and advanced painters and doll makers. It would be helpful to be familiar with the basics of your sewing machine for the doll making portion of the class, but your doll can be sewn by hand, if you do not have a machine. I am so excited to share this project with you!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Hally Levesque Presents

Tassels & Tiaras

S1-129 TASSELS & TIARAS: A Winged Wonders Doll Project
Hally Levesque
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $120

Hello and welcome to Artful Gathering 2017 and to my workshop “Tassels & Tiaras” in which I will be teaching how to make tassel dolls as decorative wall hangings.

Tassel dolls are essentially half dolls.  Half dolls were very popular in the early part of the 1900s and were used to decorate all sorts of items such as pin cushions, trinket boxes, tea cozies and even feather dusters. In this workshop, I am giving these little dolls a fun twist by making them a playful salute to the queens of the silent screen and stage.  As an added option and in keeping with the nature theme for this year’s gathering, I have also designed the dolls to have wings -  a highly popular motif of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods of that time.

I will lead you step by step through the process of making three distinctive dolls – Lillian Gish Luna Moth, Mata Hari Butterly and Theda Bara Dragonfly.  We will begin by sculpting the dolls out of air-drying clay.  If you’ve never worked with this type of clay before then you are in for a treat!  This clay is easy to work with, quick drying and has the added benefit of being extremely lightweight and durable.  You don’t need to have the talent of a Michelangelo since the sculpting technique is very basic and you will be able to get good results regardless of skill level.

I will demonstrate three different face designs in acrylic paints.  From there we will make tassels out of various types of ribbons, trims, and beads and decorate them with bits of jewelry and other odds and ends.  Just think of all the fun to be had in digging through old jewelry and sewing boxes in search of things to bring your dolls to life!  Be on the lookout now at garage sales and thrift shops – you just never know where you’ll find the perfect little object to fire your creativity.

Patterns and instruction is also provided for making the moth, butterfly and dragonfly wings out of fabric or clay.  The patterns are easy to follow and suitable for any skill level.  Note that a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies are required for making the moth and butterfly wings.

There are so many opportunities for artful play in making these little personalities.  Not only are these dolls lots of fun to make, but they are a delightful way to use up bits of scraps left over from other projects and to repurpose old jewelry.  When completed the dolls measure 14” long and are then ready for hanging, another step I will lead you through. 

Make one or make them all!  This workshop is structured in such a way as to make it easy for you to pick and choose whichever creative path you wish to take.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Lyn Belisle Presents

Natural Expressions

S1-130 Natural Expressions: Evocative Portraits using Nature’s Palette with Beeswax
Lyn Belisle
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $110

Lyn Belisle guides you through the steps for creating mixed media portraits with natural materials, including layered beeswax.

-How to enhance digital images, and tinting
-Preparing small stretched canvas substrates for layered collage
-Assembling a wrapped mat around a canvas substrate
-Attaching natural objects to a mat and integrating them into the mixed media composition.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Darlene Olivia McElroy Presents

Mystical, Magical Gesso with a Twist

S1-131 Mystical, Magical Gesso with a Twist
Darlene Olivia McElroy
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $75

I am a narrative mixed media artist, writer and educator living in Santa Fe, NM. I am also a mad art scientist who pushes products beyond their normal use and that is what this class is all about. The most important thing I can teach anyone is to think outside the box.

You probably thought gesso was all the same and just used to prime a canvas. That barely touches on all the possibilities of this wonderful product. We cover the types, colors, grades of gesso and learn that all gesso is created equal along with a huge variety of gesso techniques.

When you have finished the tutorials, you will know many of my tricks plus more about gesso than almost anyone else on the planet. Cool, huh! 

Plus we are adding my favorite techniques with light molding paste to enhance your art. My big love is learning new art techniques and applying them to my paintings.

This class has lots of exercises you can do along with have three projects.

Project One is my Three Step Masterpiece using white and black gesso. My students always find this to be magical. You will learn how to do this project two different ways. 

I have five download images that you can use or you can use your own.

Project Two introduces you deconstructed and sanded stencils, layered and cast light molding paste combined with an image transfer to make a light, romantic piece.

Project Three involves the use of casting with gesso and applying what we learned in Project Two to create another piece of art.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Paul Cristian Cordos Presents

Bending with Nature

S1-134 Bending with Nature
Paul Cristian Cordos
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $65

Paul Cristian Cordos is a internationally renowned wire artist. His wire art installations are displayed in a variety of commercial and private exhibitions. This year, he lends us his wire art bending skills by introducing students to a collection of projects based on nature. Students will learn how to use wire, bending it into amazing minimalist designs that can be used for a charming displays in a variety of settings.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Kim Willams Presents

Tie the Knot

S1-135 Tie the Knot Gypsy Jingle Leather & Pearl Jewelry
Kim Williams
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $75

Kim Williams, a Texas artisan, is offering her leather and pearl class for all levels of jewelry makers. This class presents a fanciful enthusiasm to the simplest of materials with the absence of costly tools.  We will jump head on into many different styles of knotting pearls into beautiful whimsical jewelry pieces.  

Kim will walk you through several necklace, bracelet and earring designs that will give participants a detailed demonstration with a sensible style of teaching.  Kim likes to show students how to find inspiration by walking back in time to view designs from iconic fashionistas like Coco Chanel.  

Measuring, counting and fitting your designs will be taught in practical and simple terms. There is even a bonus class teaching how to craft your own ear wires.

Whatever your goal may be; selling your designs, creating gifts or even crafting family heirlooms you will find yourself completely inspired.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Joanna Grant Presents

Mixed Media FX

S1-136 Mixed Media FX: The Hottest Techniques for the Coolest Effects
Joanna Grant
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $75

In this class you are going to learn about all those fantastic techniques you've been seeing in mixed media art these days.  Joanna will take you step by step where together you will explore how to achieve the rich depth of color, texture and interest that all the best mixed media artists demonstrate in their art.

If you've ever wondered, "how did they do that?" then this workshop is for you!

And, you'll create a one-of-a-kind reference art journal as you learn these techniques so that you'll always have them at your fingertips whenever you sit down to create art. As well, Joanna will focus on using what supplies you have on hand, rather than buying a whole lot of expensive stuff that you aren't sure you'll use again. Joanna will show you how to make the most of what you already have.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • Backgrounds for your mixed media art and art journal pages
  • Texture, texture, texture!
  • Layering
  • Mark making
  • Using stencils and masks
  • Making your own inexpensive tools to create unique effects
  • Using recycled materials in your art
  • Principles of collage
  • Production techniques to maximize your time in your  studio
  • Using technology with your art


Joanna looks forward to seeing you in class for this fun and informative workshop!

Riki Schumacher Presents

Petite Photo Frames

S1-137 Petite Photo Frames
Riki Schumacher
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $145

Join me in making a tiny photo frame pendant and bracelet from scratch.

I'll show techniques like:

-How to cut and file metal
-How to wire the pendant into a necklace
-How to create a bracelet that will hold a photo

You also will learn how to:

-Join metals
-Insert photos
-Choosing materials needed for projects
-Incorporate a wide variety of options to choose from.

Beginners can choose no soldering techniques, and intermediates can use their butane torch!

And, if you want to display your frame, you will learn how to make a Sweet Petite Stand from scratch!

This is a fantastic workshop for metal skills, cold connections, learning to solder and much, much, more. Every level is welcome for this workshop.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Rosemary Frew Presents

Baby Carrot

S1-138 Baby Carrot
Rosemary Frew
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $145

All baby bears have the most memorable first time experiences, and if this is your first time experience creating a bear, this workshop is just the right class for you. Rosemary Frew will teach you all the skills you need to make a bear with confidence while also showing you how to use elements that can make your bear very personal and special to you.

You will be guided along with a thorough understanding of how a bear is brought into being – from the flat fabric, to the sewing either by hand or machine, inserting the hardware that makes the arms and legs move, using tools and methods which ensure success. You will learn Rosemary’s fail-proof methods for making the nose, and you’ll be able to choose between two different bear styles using mohair or viscose.
Every little personal decision that makes your bear your very own will be encouraged so that you have a Baby Carrot that embodies your personal sentiments; you’ll be encouraged to use parts and pieces of blue jeans, an old shrunken sweater, lace, or perhaps an old uniform. You can use your imagination to recycle and up-cycle fabrics to make a memory bear that just might become a family treasure or keepsake for someone very special.

Baby Carrot is the perfect 1st timers bear.

Leslie Marsh Presents

Wear Your Story

S2-230 Wear Your Story: Soldered Wearable Book Necklace
Leslie Marsh
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $145

Everyone has a story. This one begins with a creme brûlée torch and a roll of solder.

Join book artist Leslie Marsh for this technique-packed wearable book workshop. Using materials easily sourced at your local hardware and craft store, you will forge small relic-like book covers. You’ll learn various techniques for adding content to your book. Then, using a centuries-old technique, you’ll bind it all together into a tiny tome to hold your unique story. You won’t stop there though.

Using your favorite beads and found objects, Leslie will guide you through several methods of turning your book into a head-turning piece of jewelry you’ll be proud to wear.

The techniques you learn in this workshop will arm you to make books of all sizes. They include:

- How to pool solder onto base metal and attach metal findings
- How to add patina to metal
- How to prepare a photo and add it to your book cover
- Coptic bookbinding
- The process of preparing paper to be bound into a book
- Various jewelry techniques including wire wrapping and how to create hook fasteners from wire

Lauren Mantecon Presents

For the Love of Process

S2-231 For the Love of Process:
Mixed Media and Painting Techniques From the Ground Up
Lauren Manticon
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $65

Come explore the exciting world of unique mixed media processes with artist Lauren Mantecon. Lauren will guide you from the ground up using wood panels and paper. The love of process is what Lauren encourages through a series of demonstrations that include an introduction to materials, the making of Gesso, dry and wet materials acrylic painting, and wax and encaustic! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced student- Lauren’s unique approach to combining materials is sure to bring something for everyone.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Susan Myers Presents

The Little Nut Case

S2-232 The Little Nut Case
Susan Myers
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Tuition $55

This workshop is all about paying homage to one of Susan's favorite gifts from nature. The charming acorn-shaped needlework case will be stitched on 2 colors of linen (32ct used for model) and is designed to hold scissors, needles and pins. The back of the case features her inspirational thought "Dream big, for even a little nut can do great things." –Susan

Follow along, and get an inside look at how Susan approaches the construction side of the designing process. As the piece comes together, she will stop and discuss alternate ideas and options that you might want to try on your acorn, leaving you free to explore your own creativity along the way!

The counted cross-stitch design consists of full cross-stitch, lettering stitched Over 1*, backstitch and joining the pieces together with whip stitch.  *an Over 2 alphabet will be provided for those who prefer to add their name or initials and date instead.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Jean Van Brederode Presents

Start From Scratch

S2-233 Starting from Scratch
Jean Van Brederode
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $135

Learn how a combination of enameling techniques merge beautifully in “Start from Scratch: Enameled Bib Necklace.”  In this workshop, each student will learn basic torch and kiln firing enameling techniques and how to work with basic 80 mesh enamel, liquid enamel, sgraffito (a scratching technique), wet packing, and necklace assemblage skills.

“Start from Scratch: Enameled Bib Necklace” is designed to be project-based and technique driven. Beginners welcome!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.

Elitia Hart Presents

Metal Embossing

S2-234 Metal Embossing: Contemporary Techniques of an Ancient Craft
Elitia Hart
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $95.00

Come and join me for a wonderful workshop in metal embossing and more! What will you learn in this introduction to metal embossing course?

• Metals suitable for metal embossing - gauge and temper
• Cutting of metal-various options for cutting
• Various hand tools for embossing and substitutes for commercial tools
• Work surfaces for embossing
• The three key mark making techniques-engraving, embossing and high relief.
• Other supplemental ways of adding design-stencils, texture molds and embossing folders.
• Filler options for High Relief-melted beeswax or spackle
• Easy color for definition and the how to successfully apply oxidizing patina
• Adhesion option –double-sided adhesive and glue
• Options for adding color onto your completed project
• How to protect and seal your artwork
• Adding images to your metal art using packing tape
• Various substrates and ideas for metal art projects

The Projects are technique and project based and will walk you through from start to finish as though you were taking a workshop at my studio – the advantage is that there is no rush as we are not bound to the normal 8 time constraints that a full day workshop offers!

Book mark sampler:

You will complete a bookmark sampler that will introduce you to the three key metal art mark making techniques: engraving, embossing and high relief as well as what tools to use in applying these techniques. We will also touch on how to add engraved and embossed lettering to your sampler and finish it off with an easy technique to add definition and then color.

Journal Cover or Wall Art:

Through years of teaching and also after taking many workshops in other mediums I have always found a blank canvas or metal piece to be a bit intimidating.

Having a block design to work with allows us to focus on one area at a time without getting overwhelmed. I provide you with a grid design to trace onto your project and together we will add design to each block using the three key tooling techniques, lettering and then some!

You will learn how to use stencils, texture plates and embossing folders on metal as well as add embellishments and photos.

For this project you will learn the oxidization patina technique to create an antique look.

I will demonstrate how you would attach your metal sheet to the mat board and then to your journal as well as how to finish and protect your work with a spray lacquer.
Keep an open mind, know that practice makes perfect and once you have mastered the key techniques the sky is the limit!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Jacqueline Newbold Presents

A Naturalists Watercolor Journal

S2-235 A Naturalists Watercolor Journal
Jacqueline Newbold
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $85

Dive into the colorful world of nature with Jacqueline Newbold.  She will guide you step-by-step as you explore various ways to use watercolor paints and mixed-media to create a naturalist art journal.  Keeping a journal of your field notes, drawings, and paintings of the natural world will enrich your experiences with nature and help develop your skills as an artistic naturalist. 

Jacqueline shows how to capture the essence of the wonderful world of feathered and furry creatures with simplified, easy drawing methods, colorful painting techniques, and creative mixed-media embellishments.  This is great workshop for beginner to advance painters that want to improve their painting skills.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Lynn Leahy Presents

The Stacking Cube

S2-236 Reverse Painting on Glass: The Stacking Cube
Lynn Leahy
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $95

In this workshop Lynn Leahy will introduce you to a contemporary adaptation of an old painting technique. You will use flat, glass tiles to learn the process of reverse painting. This is painting on one side of the glass as it will be viewed from the opposite side.

The stacking cubes will provide a fun, strong substrate for your workshop project. Using stamping and drawing techniques you will work on the composition to be painted. Then Lynn will show you how to take acrylic paints to begin the basic understanding of reverse painting on glass. This is a wonderful medium on its own but can add another element to any mixed media project.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Mary Jane Chadbourne Presents

The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll

S2-237 The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll
Mary Jane Chadbourne
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $95

This well-loved workshop designed by mixed media artist Mary Jane Chadbourne is an art doll workshop sensation! If you missed this class with her previously, now is your chance to  join her on this inspiring journey this summer. You can create your very own doll story through the language of collage, incorporating words and symbols to relay messages and express feelings.

Collage, painting, beading, stamping, stenciling and creating transfers are just some of the techniques that will be covered step by step, along with many other embellishing techniques for you to create these unique and delightful beings!

From individual expressive faces to fun collaged bodies and mixed media adornments, creating these dolls are sure to tickle your fancy!

“Students always want to know how I make the bold statements I create in my collage work and I will share my secret tips with you!” – Mary Jane

Mary Jane will cover:

-Collage – compositions, prepping your substrates and how to work successfully with collage
-Stenciling techniques
-Shading and outlining techniques
-Painting techniques to wood
-Creating a transfer technique for a face, and sculpting a basic face
-Working with watercolors and acrylics
-Working with paper clay – sculpting and creating a doll’s face
-Beading, Stamping
-Creating dimension with stenciling and embossing
-Downsizing graphics to fit the dolls

And many more techniques, too! From individual expressive faces to fun collaged bodies and mixed media adornments, creating these dolls is sure to tickle your fancy!

You can create these dolls using ready-made wooden options available at local hobby stores, or you can order an optional kits that you can purchase separate from the class and made in Mary Jane Chadbourne’s own studio.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.

Debby Anderson Presents

Gilded Relics: The Series

S2-238 Gilded Relics the Series
Debby Anderson
Session One: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $145

Join jewelry designer, artist and instructor Debby Anderson for this beautifully romantic and majestic mixed media jewelry and mixed metal workshop, Gilded Relics: The series. This beloved workshop is jam packed with ideas, techniques, trade secrets and so much more. We are very excited to present it again for second time.

You will find yourself immersed in the many techniques and applications packed into this workshop, but also, woven in and around each project you’ll see the soft feminine charm and grace infused in Debby Anderson’s unique style.

There are a series of three projects that Debby will show you how to create using her gilding techniques.

Madonna and Child: Using a light heat approach, you will create a Chandelier Crystal Pendant with a 52″ bead/crystal double wrap front closure beaded necklace. You will learn how to solder so that your pieces are adorned with beautiful and timeless gilding adding an ornamental and elegant feature to your jewelry. This technique will be taught, and you will learn a variety of techniques that include shaping and work- hardening wire, to create bails, chain links, closures and connectors.

A Stitch in Time: Here you will be creating pendants and charms with the gilded techniques you’ll be learning, and working on smaller and larger pieces. Debby will show you how to ‘stitch’ created components together with a soldering iron. A number of other exciting techniques will also be shared using resin and air dry clay.

Crowns: Small to larger sized crowns will be shared and created using different mediums. You’ll be using Debby’s gilding technique in this third project as well with the addition of embellishments, gems, and ‘found objects.’

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Sumiyo Toribe Presents

Sketching Still Life

S2-239 Sketching Still Life
Sumiyo Toribe
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $75

This class introduces Sketching Still-Life using various techniques and media.  Simple still-life objects and organic forms are explored through color schemes ranging from monochromatic, black & white, and color.

Sketching aids drawing, painting, design and rendering.  Use of various color schemes and media are also great practice for advanced art forms.  Still-Life settings allow for a controlled environment, which includes lighting, and placement of subject matter.  Every sketch starts light and loose, and you can stop at any point or take it far as you desire. Observing and studying three-dimensional forms enables your eye to see subtle changes and shifts in value, color and shape.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Sketches can be done with a single pencil or a 120 colored pencil set.  Either medium will accomplish depicting three dimensions on a two dimensional surface (sketchbook page).  It is all about value contrast.  I am excited to share how a variety of sketching media follows this simple rule.

Basic techniques are introduced at the beginning:

Light and loose

Short stroke line construction

Value pattern

Lost and found contour


Value contrast

Shadow, cast shadow and highlights

Usage of kneaded eraser

Basic 3D form


  • The class starts by using one graphite pencil to sketch simple still-life objects.
  • Introduce:  sepia tone with conte
  • Introduce:  toning paper with vine charcoal
  • Introduce:  variety of line quality with black pen
  • Introduce:  variety of change of shade with blue pen
  • Introduce:  scratching texture and pattern with oil pastel
  • Introduce:  blending colors with soft pastel
  • Introduce:  layering colors with colored pencil
  • Introduce:  fuse colors with watercolor pencil
  • Introduce:  loose and quick application with watercolor

Monika Astara

The Sky Is the Limit

Fresh, Hand Painted Fabric Jewelry
Monika Astara
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $145

Monika Astara is known for her striking hand painted wearable art clothing that is sold in boutiques and galleries.  In this class she will teach you two joy filled classes in one with detailed instructions, tips and tricks and lots of inspiration throughout.

First Monika will teach you how to hand paint several pieces of fabrics with easy, innovative techniques that she has developed. She will teach them to you for the first time ever.

You will achieve stunning results within minutes - without needing any prior skills or artistic talent. Just a desire to play and to have fun.

In the second part Monika will guide you through the steps on how to turn the hand painted fabrics into four totally unique necklaces.  From simple, beautiful every day styles to bold and artsy statement pieces.

Plus inspiration ideas for more options.

At the end of the class you will have solid tools and techniques to expand into creating a vast variety of products where only the Sky is the Limit.

Novices will love how easy it is to create gorgeous fabrics and fabric jewelry. Accomplished artists will learn new techniques that can add exciting elements to their own craft.

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

Michelle Belto Presents

Nature Paper Beeswax Bundles

S2-241 Nature Paper Beeswax Bundles
Michelle Belto
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $85

What is it about paper that fascinates artists?  In my early years, paper was the most affordable canvas for my work.  Now I simply prefer it.  My love of paper led me to paper making.  There is nothing better than being able to turn nature’s bounty into beautiful sheets of handmade paper!  In this class students will experience the wonder of turning pulp into amazing paper, rich with bits of flower petals and dried grass.   This paper can be colored and embossed in the process and used later for collage, painting or journal work.  In a second project we will learn how to print directly onto paper using only steam and botanicals to create beautiful eco prints.

Beeswax is a natural preservative that becomes a painting medium.  As a medium, wax can be pigmented, layered and textured.  Encaustic can take transfer, stencil and collage to create interesting and complex surfaces.  In this class we will use beeswax to create beautiful covers that when combined with our own handmade papers become BEESWAX BUNDLES. 

Please join me in creating one-of-a-kind keepsake treasures for your own journal work or to give away to friends.  They are so easy to make that you will want to make many!

Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.

Lyn Belisle Presents

Sacred Serendipity: Little Nature Shrines

S2-242 Sacred Serendipity: Little Nature Shrines
Lyn Belisle
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $95

Lyn Belisle will show you how to make small shrine-like assemblages created from serendipitous finds in natural settings. Through the power of storytelling with symbols, Lyn will show you how to construct natural elements enhanced with her iconic air-dry faces.

You’ll combine rocks and shards, twigs, leaves to create a meaningful non-verbal story.Then, using unconventional construction methods such as knotting, wiring and wrapping, you will create diverse surfaces on little 6 x 6 canvases that can be displayed in a variety of ways.

Cathy Pendleton Presents

Joanna Grant Presents

Gelli Jam

S2-244 Gelli Jam: Art Journal Workshop
Joanna Grant
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $65

Join Artist Joanna Grant, AKA Joanna Banana Design Originals, in a fun and colorful mixed media art workshop. She will show you how to use the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, along with ordinary supplies you have on hand. Together you will make FOUR one-of-a-kind art journals. You’ll learn fun, easy techniques that give you wonderfully complex-looking results without a lot of effort. You’ll be amazed at the materials you can use to make unique art journals for yourself or to give as gifts.

This workshop is suitable for beginners with no knowledge of working with a gelatin plate. It is also stimulating and challenging enough for those experienced in monoprinting.

Along with great video instruction and full demonstrations, Joanna also includes enerous pdf handouts.

 Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.
Kit: Yes. Kits offered directly through your instructor.


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