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Your art studio is your sacred space for creativity and inspiration. It houses your art supplies, tools, books, and your art work. It reflects who you are as a creative individual, no matter how lavish or simple, it's surroundings are your dedicated and special place for learning, listening and expressing your artistic vision.

It's our aim to create beautiful references for your viewing library where you can pull your favorite DVD titles whenever you need a refresher or an inspiring guide.

Brand new Artful Gathering DVDs are produced each year at the conclusion of our summer events. We think that a growing art community is interested in new voices, new inovasions and diverse artisty. This is why we present a brand new online art retreat every summer. There are always new creative adventures to explore at Artful Gathering and we want to be right there with you to share them! 

Wide screen devices such as a laptops and desktops are the ideal size for veiwing our art video lessons. Large full screen sizes allow you to see up close and personal where you have a front row view of the creative zone. When art demonstrations are clear and easy to view, we know that your experience will be more enjoyable and enriching.

Our DVDs are much better suited to students  who would like to have life-long access. Storing video files on your computer can take up precious space and can even get easily lost, deleted or destroyed.

Designed as a learning tool, our video workshop DVDs are content rich encompassing many hours of video demonstrations. We don't limit our workshop run times to accomodate a size limit. We use all the space and time needed for each workshop to be it's most complete version.

You can play our DVDs right on your desktop or laptop. We are also zoned for international DVD players.

If your laptop doesn't have a DVD drive but it does have a USB port, you can purchase an external DVD player!

The photo below is a picture of DVD external drive model carried by Walmart and many other electronic stores. Most models cost around $19.99 USD.

With my particular set up, I enjoy moving my MacBook Pro about my studio. My external DVD drive allows me to go anywhere in my studio or even on the road.

*This is not a sponsorhip. External DVD Drives (as picture to the left my MacBook Pro laptop) are available online and at many leading local electronics store.

Cristina Zinnia Galliher is the creative director of Artful Gatheirng Online Art Retreats

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 Presented by artists for artists


Hally Levesque

10 Hours 

Mary Jane Chadbourne

5 Hours

Sandy Babb

13 Hours 

Luthien Thye

6 Hours 

Riki Schumacher

9 Hours