General FAQs

Why is there a $5 registration fee?

Just like any other organized event, we too charge a registration fee.  This one-time only non-refundable fee, covers your access to this website from May 1 - Sept. 11, 2017.

Why do I need to create a log-in/member account?

This website is designed for the enjoyment and security of our event attendees. We do not allow the general public to have access to our forum areas or to our attendee's 'About Me Pages'. By creating your log-in/account, you are simply establishing your private and secure method of access to our forums, our sponsor related activities, door prizes and classrooms.

How many workshops can I take?

You can take as many workshops as your schedule will allow.

Can I download and save my workshop videos?

No. All of our video workshop presentations are copyright protected. They are not permissible for downloading, copying, or sharing.

How much is the tuition?

Tuition is based on the scope and depth of the workshop project lessons and the availability of the instructor. Based on this criteria, tuition generally ranges from $45 to $150.

When can I access my workshops?

You can access your workshops on or after the day your workshop is scheduled to start:

Session One: June 6 - July 17
Session two : July 16 - August 26

Can I jump into a workshop after it starts?

Yes! We call it Fast-Tracking. You can join a workshop as late as two weeks after the opening date. However, the workshop will still close on it's scheduled date.

When can I register for the workshops I want to take??

Starting on May 1, as a registered attendee, you will have access to all the previously hidden page of this website. You can register by clicking on the main menu tab, "Purchase Workshops."

Are kits included?

No. Art supplies, materials and tools are not included in the price of tuition. All needed materials to complete your workshop projects will be listed inside your materials lists and are separately obtained by the student. Any optional kits that may be offered are intended only as a convenience, unless otherwise indicated in the class description. Kits are offered directly from your instructor while supplies last.

Can I see the workshop schedule and tuition pricing before I sign up to this event?

Yes you can! Please click here

How do I access my workshop classroom?

Visit your 'About Me' page on the first day of class. Locate your personal workshop tab. It will open to a page that shows you the classes you have paid for and have access to. Click on the picture of your workshop to gain access. *For classes you have paid for, but which I have not started yet, you will not see a clickable graphic on that page until the first day the class starts.

Can I ask my instructors questions?

We absolutely hope that you will not only ask your instructors questions in his/her discussion forums, but we also hope you will feel free to post photos of your works in progress for their feedback and commentary.

Can I use my iPhone or iPad, or android device to participate?

In most instances, yes. You may need to load puffin browser to your to your device in order to utilize all the functionalities of our classroom features. You can test your devices here and make recommended adjustments where possible.

What are the best internet browsers to use for my laptop or desktop?

Our recommendation is Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. For ipad, you will need a Flash compatible internet browser such as

Is there an orientation area so I know how to use my classroom?

Yes. Every workshop classroom includes an orientation video so that you will know how to use all the features of your classroom.

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