Karen O' Brien Presents

Stuff of Dreams
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Sneak Peek Video...

Tassels & Tiaras: A Winged Wonders Doll Project
Session One: June 6 - July 17

The Nature of Things...

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."
-Robert Frost

It's the nature of art enthusiasts to collect art supplies and we hope you will have plenty of occasions to take them out. Before classes begin, take some time to inventory what you already have. As you survey your materials, you might rediscover an art form or skill that you'd like to hone using some of the art supplies you have already collected but haven't used yet.

Up-cycling is good for the planet, and good for creating new art out of everyday things. We offer many workshops that make room for you to explore the uses of every day items and tools. Our instructors will supply you with a full materials list before classes start. There are exciting products to try, and old standbys that are tried and true. Most of all, we encourage you to try new things and not be intimidated by small power tools or new paint sets.

To make things easy, we have some wonderful sponsors who can help supply you with some of the things you'll need for class. We hope you will visit their websites and check out their products.

Cosponsored by www.AvesStudio.com

Sneak Peek Video...

Paper it Over: Collaging the Found Object
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Take Us With You...

"Copiers do not collaborate."

-Antoni Gaudi

Our theme this year is Nature. Just because we learn indoors doesn't mean that our creative world stops at our front door. Our front door is a doorway to the natural world, and we don't want you to miss a thing.

Whether it be a small flower blossom, a buzzing bee, a bright sweet berry, or a tiny ant, there is something beautiful in nature that we can observe with our own original pair of eyes. Don't try to copy what you see. Collaborate with nature and create something original.

For 2017 Attendees. Artful Gathering  is presenting a brand new program for art journaling expression. As a prelude to this program we will present some fun on the go video tutorials for everyone to enjoy.

Now be able to take us with you anywhere you want to go! Artful Gathering's Art on the Go bags will be released with our upcoming programs. Before our official program kick off, we'll be giving way 10 of these bags in our random prize giveaways right here this summer at Artful Gathering 2017.

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