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Registration to our Fall and Winter event is $5, unless you have attended with us for summer 2017!

Class Descriptions are Located Here.

Workshops are sold individually, materials lists and any optional kits that may be offered are outlined before and after purchase.

*Our Winter schedule will be posted shortly.

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Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats is an original online art retreat production. Our class schedules are not open ended as we present our art workshops within the private atmosphere of our onsite classrooms with our visiting instructors standing by to answer questions and offer encouragement for the six week duration of your workshop.

Our services include fully managed password protected classrooms which do not require password protected video viewing. You are never redirected to join any outside social groups, social websites, video provider pages or alternate website landing pages other than our Paypal secure check out. Your e-mail address is never shared.

Our video presentations are copyright protected and viewers are not given permissions to download, share or disseminate video segments.

These guidelines create many layers of customized access so that our instructors can present quality workshops intended for the evolving art student.

All workshop presentations are presented in their entirety upon entering class (except for bonus projects which are added during class). An additional two week extension is added to your six week class for video review.

DVDs are offered based on our production schedules. Regional zone settings are automatically created upon order.

Please see our policy page for detailed information on permissions and copyrights.