Artful Gathering Halloween Fun!

Halloween Scene!

We don't want to spend the Fall and Winter season without YOU!

This year we are presenting three different Halloween theme related workshops. Your access to our Halloween workshops will remain open from October 1 - November 31 2017.

Halloween Workshop registration opens Sept. 15. Once you purchase the workshops of your choice, you will have access to your classrooms within 48 hours so that you can pick up your materials list and order any optional kits that might be offered. You can also pick up your materials lists right away at our check out page at the time of your purchase. *Download links are situated right next to the class poster photo.

Tips for People Who love to Do Their Own Thing...

Be sure you have registered to attend with us. We have a site registration process that only costs $5. It allows all our attendees to have a private log in, it keeps us commercial-free, and it helps to keep out spammers. A spam free website is a happy website!

***If you are already a 2017 attendee, please do not re-register and please do not pay $5 pre-registration.

Your summer registration will cover Fall and Winter!***

Once you are registered for a Fall/Winter workshop you'll be able to access this website until January 1st, 2018. After that, our site goes into hiatus as we prepare for our summer 2018 art retreat!

Take a good inventory of your art supplies to see what you already have before you go shopping for your Fall/Winter workshop materials.

Once classes begin, find a time in your schedule for browsing through your workshop videos before you get started on your projects. This is why we present your classroom videos to you in their entirely starting on the first day of class. If you view everything first, you will have a good sense of your instructor's style and direction. You can come back and view your videos over and over again as many times as you like before class ends. Make notes, and ask your instructor questions while you have him/her to chat with in your classroom.

Have fun and enjoy participating. We have a lot of wonderful sponsor prizes to give away! We want your experience to not only be fun and creative, but memorable too.

Participating with us is fun and it never includes spamming. If you hear from us at all, it is so we can keep you updated on our event announcements or, because you won a prize.


"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
-Hans Christian Andersen