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  • Welcome to AG 2015, Susan!  Wishing you a wonderfully creative time!

  • Gidday Susan,

    Its awesome to see you here at Artful Gathering 2015.  Isn't this amazing - there are some fun and fabulous classes to choose from, so have a look around, get your creative juices flowing, and jump on in.  ENJOY!

  • Hi there Susan, welcome to Artful Gathering 2015!!!

    This is my first Artful Gathering and I am really excited to share my 'Narrative Thinking Through Collage' workshop in session 1, which is all about learning different paper collage techniques, styles and approaches, as well as how to tell visual stories.

    Feel free to check out the video at the link here if you want to find out more. I have also included some examples of the styles and approaches I demonstrate in the workshop (below).

    I hope to see you there, but if not, have a great time at any of the amazing workshops available this year!


  • Hi Susan,

    It's great to see you ~ Welcome to Artful Gathering 2015!!  Wishing you a fabulous time full of artful inspiration!!

  • Hi Susan! Welcome to AG2015! Hope you have a blast!

  • Hi Denise...So nice to meet you! Thank you for the lovely compliment on my tag journal. I also love seeing what other folks come up with as well. So much talent in our class! Hugs :-) 

  • Yayy, Susan, you're here!  Thanks so much for joining us on Gelli Jam.  I really hope you'll have a great time with us.  Once you get settled, take a look through the Discussion Board at the topics we've already covered and you can work your way through the videos however you'd like.  I"m always here to help whenever you need anything.  So appreciate your support for this workshop.  I look forward to seeing your awesome creations in due course.  Cheers!  Joanna

  • Hi Susan, welcome to Artful Gathering! Have a great Time! Tina!
  • Welcome to AG 2014 and wishing you a wonderfully creative time!

  • Hi Susan! Welcome to AG2014! Hope you have a blast!
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