Test Your Devices

Video Testing

*Test your computer devices and mobile devices by clicking on the video. See our recommendations here.

Photo Posting Testing

To insert an image to your post, click on the image icon, which looks like a framed picture, in the toolbar. A window will appear prompting you to select a photo from your computer to upload. You also have the option of clicking on the “From a URL” tab to add an online image to your post. Determine from the Layout section how you want your image to be aligned.You can specify a number of pixels to add space around your image. The Link field will be default be your image’s URL, but edit it to take members to a specific page or website of your choosing. If the image is too wide or narrow, change its width here, as well.

When you’re done, click “Comment” to apply these changes to your post.

****iPad users, you can test out a flash compatible browser such as www.puffinbrowser.com

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