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Our 2018 Summer Workshop catalog is published below!

Artful Gathering Workshops are traditionally priced from $55 - $150, depending on subject matter, instructor's teaching availability, and total run time of the video presentation.

Please check back often for updates as more workshop details and photography will also be added.

Workshop ENROLLMENT Opens On May 1, 2018

General Registration to Attend is OPEN now.

Lyn Belisle Presents




Southwestern Stripes: Serapes and Sunsets

Presented by Artist Lyn Belisle
Session One: June 6 - July 17 

"A simple approach to color blending with spectacular results."

When I painted a number of Southwestern pieces for a hotel lobby in San Antonio years ago, I used this technique to make striking work resembling traditional serapes (suh-ROPP-ays), or striped Mexican blankets. By masking off areas with painters tape and blending within the narrow areas, even beginners can achieve a fantastic effect.

Our first project will be four small serape paintings of the sacred elements - earth, sky, fire and sea - with a watermedia technique that guarantees impressive results with evocative symbolism.

You will learn an ancient Eastern painting style that transforms simple stripes into dimensional bands of Southwestern hues that glow on paper or on canvas. You will explore the way a simple square can end up looking like a priceless Pendleton blanket pattern with the addition of just two stencil shapes.

And, along the way, you will create a body of unique mixed-media work to be proud of.

Not a painter? You will be, after you learn about Southwestern Serapes and Sunsets!

Tuition: $105
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Julie Ryen Presents


 Follow Your Heart 

Presented by Artist Julie Ryen
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Join Julie while she takes you on a journey of creating an on trend multi-wrap bracelet design combining textures, metals and techniques.  In this course Julie will demonstrate her step by step techniques and tips for successful micro torch silver soldering, working with sheet metals, resin, combining elements and so much more!

This course is technique driven while resulting in a completed multi-wrap bracelet jewelry design.  Julie will teach you all the standalone techniques that you will then combine to create your multi-wrap bracelet.  These techniques can also be used as standalone elements or incorporated into your own bracelet, necklace and earrings designs - the possibilities are endless.

Julie has also included a bonus project where she will teach you how to create standalone heart forms that will be filled with tinted or colored resin and taken to the next level with a foil and stamped effect – so fun and unique!  And if that wasn’t enough she will also show you how to use silicone molds with resin for fun charm accents.

Within this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use the micro-torch safely and successfully
  • Work with sheet metal to create and form shapes
  • Patina and clean your metal pieces
  • Successfully solder elements together using extra easy and easy silver solder
  • Add textures and stamp words
  • Create a handmade, soldered sterling silver and copper link chain
  • Form heart shapes from bezel wire, solder and fill with resin
  • Create a unique double-loop wrapped link from copper and sterling silver
  • Cut and incorporate leather into your design
  • Create a wire wrapped bead chain
  • Create two different S-hook closures
  • Set eyelets and rivets
  • Putting it all together to create your own wrap bracelet design
  • Julie will share her tips and tricks for getting successful results working with resin in open bezel forms, tints, colors, foils and textures
  • Using resin and silicone molds

This class is packed with techniques, tips and ideas to help you on your journey to “Follow Your Heart.”

Tuition: $125
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.




Leslie Marsh Presents

Earthly Delights - Botanically Printed Felt Journal

Presented by Leslie Marsh
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Join book artist Leslie Marsh as she shares various techniques for printing leaves and other natural materials on paper and fabric. Discover the magic of ecoprinting - coaxing beautiful contact prints onto paper and fabric using water, heat, leaves and other easily sourced ingredients.

Leslie will show you different bundling techniques, the variables that can affect outcome, and discuss mordants to persuade color onto cellulose fabrics. She will teach you how to use a brayer to capture the beauty of a leaf.  

Then, using the fruits of our exploration, Leslie will show you how to make a wrapped felt book that will be bound together using gathered sticks and a very simple binding. She will also demonstrate how she uses bits of lace, fabric, beads and stitching to embellish the covers of her books.

Tuition: $140
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.


Keith Lo Bue Presents


Steeilng Beauty:
Chains, Clasps, and Forms in Steel Wire
Encore Presentation

 Presented by Keith Lo Bue
Session One: June 6 - July 17

In the search for interesting materials with which to create, the greatest surprises can come from the most unexpected quarters. Take, for example, a cheap, ubiquitous and unassuming roll of steel wire, sold for use in the construction industry…

With some simple tools and layman-ready information, this mundane material comes thrillingly to life. Super-strong, versatile and - best of all - beautiful, this amazing wire can perform like no other material can.

Join internationally-known artist and found-object 'stuffsmith' Keith Lo Bue as he delves into the world of steel wire creativity. Whether you're interested in jewelry, sculpture, mixed-media, textiles or any number of other creative pursuits, STEELING BEAUTY will provide in-depth information and instruction on safely, efficiently and properly working with and caring for this magic stuff.

Learn in detail how to create chains, links, bails, clasps, structural forms, settings and more. Filmed in Lo Bue's Sydney studio, you'll feel like you have a benchside seat from the comfort of your own home.

So learn to create beautiful things with steel wire from one of the artists responsible for bringing it to a mainstream audience and making it such a popular alternative to precious metals.

Tuition: $150
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Michelle Belto Presents




Landscapes of the West in Wax

Presented by Artist Michelle Belto
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Join encaustic and mixed media artist Michelle Belto in this fascinating exploration of the Landscapes of the West in Wax.  Having lived in the Southwest for most of her life, Michelle’s art is inspired by the vastness of the land and the vibrant colors of sand and sky.  She shares with you her own step by step approach to creating complex multi-layered work that captures the essence of the land with its luminosity and depth.  With her detailed instructional approach, Michelle takes you from inspiration to finished painting in a way that facilitates learning that can be replicated over and over with different themes and subjects.

This workshop begins with our creating visually textured collage materials through distressing and aging, masking and staining, printing and patterning. Using these uniquely designed papers, students create a landscape inspired by their own real or imagined experiences of the West. The paintings are then built with layers of molten beeswax medium.  Michelle will introduce a focused approach for each layer with mixed media materials and processes that add continuing depth and complexity.  With additional examples of finished work photographed through each layer of development, extensive handouts and an annotated material list even a beginner can create richly layered work that will amaze even YOU! 

In this class you will learn:

  • Nine amazing ways to distress tissue paper to create visually exciting collage materials
  • How to prepare a support for mixed media encaustic painting
  • To translate a reference photograph into an encaustic landscape painting with collage and mixed media
  • How to build a painting in layers of clear encaustic medium
  • To create an easy-to-follow formula for each layer to maximize depth and complexity
  • To know which materials to use at which layer to get desired effects
  • To learn finishing techniques to make your paintings look professional

Tuition $105
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.


Griselda Tello Presents



Desert Spirits:
Blue Corn Maiden and Sedona Moon

Presented by Artist Griselda Tello
Session One: June 6 - July 17 

My intention for this very special workshop is to create a sculpture with clay and mixed media elements that will inspire my students to create a number of other projects. In this instance the themes I have chosen were inspired by my love for the desert and the first people of Arizona. I am teaching students how to create a variety of spirit dolls based on these themes. 

The Blue Corn Maiden and Sedona Moon are, for me, core symbols of abundance, prosperity and serenity.  The rich colors of the land connected with the stories, lore and traditions of the Native American Hopi and Anasazi people inspired me to make these figures.

The first section of this workshop introduces students to The Blue Corn Maiden's Journey.  These lessons include how to create Kitchen Witches on a whisk attached to a glass jar.

Students will learn how to make an assemblage doll from a wire whisk and a household jar. I will teach several techniques including layering, basic wire and cloth sculpting, wrapping, painting, and the building of the dolls form around a clay face and clay breast shield. We will create two variations on the same theme.

In the second section of this workshop we move forward on our journey together where we will meet The Sedona Moon represented by two spirit dolls; The Squash Blossom Song and Shaman Moon supported by a painter's brush, honoring our inner artistic muse. 

In the third section of this workshop I am also going to share a surprise bonus project called Little Dragonfly, Totem Spirit Doll. This project will encompass added lessons on how to create a winged spirit doll. Going above and beyond the assemblage work included in the first two projects!

Tuition: $125
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.



Kevin Brunner Presents


Cactus Gathering

Presented by Kevin Brunner
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Known as a cultural icon of the Southwest, the cactus makes for a fun and magical theme for our watercolor workshop adventure. These desert giants, with their human-like silhouettes, grow in different shapes and sizes. In order to translate our art project into a watercolor piece, I will show you how I select my reference photo of this subject, and how I might alter it to create a pleasing arrangement. Next we'll discuss how we might approach the overall starting point of the painting. I'll share ideas for selecting your background preferences, how to identify our light sources, shadowing, and layering. We'll explore the beautiful richness of the colors and hues that embody this subject which includes the color choice of our sky.

I'll be with you every step of the way, from start to finish while leaving you the freedom to develop your background to offset the main subject. If you are a beginner you'll learn how to create your painting from my example applying a relaxed and thoughtful approach. If you are an intermediate student, you may feel inspired to create this beautiful piece of southwestern artistry.
Tuition: $95

DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.


Jean Van Brederode Presents


Bee Keeper

Presented by Jean Van Brederode
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Beginner students are my specialty!

In "Bee Keeper," students will construct a pendant necklace and chain using basic simple sawing techniques and will create a variety of extraordinary colors on a domed copper top plate using only 533 liquid white enamel. Liquid enamel mixing techniques will be covered along with application and torch firing skills. Students will leave with a finished Bee Keeper Necklace. “Bee Keeper” was Inspired by a workshop with enamellist Ken Bova at John C. Campbell Folk School.

Skills to be taught:
Metal preparation and doming techniques
Creating a design on metal using a paper pattern
Basic sawing skills
Basic torch enameling skills
How to mix powder-form liquid enamel
Torch firing white liquid enamel to create colors
How to create a simple self-bail
How to texture and patina metal
Using tabs to connect pendant elements


Tuition: $135
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.



 Variations in Style:


Gaye Sekula Presents

Let's Face It
A Pastel Portrait Workshop

 Presented by Gaye Sekula
Session One: June 6 - July 17

Let’s Face It…everyone wants to try their hand at painting portraits!

This is a pastel portrait workshop designed to help take the fear out of painting portraits! It may be more accurate to say that it is designed to help give you the courage to try your hand at painting portraits. There is technically no drawing involved. You will be given a reference photo and instructions on how to transfer it to a working surface. Supplies will be kept at a minimum for those wanting to get started without a big investment. 

This is the workshop I wish was available when I first started with pastels. I will show you the entire process from the reference photo to completion, share tips on framing and provide extra info in case you get bitten by the pastel bug. 

I’ll be with you every step of the way so come along with me and “Let’s Face It” together!

Tuition: $75
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Pam Gracia Presents


The PODD Bunny

 Presented by Pam Gracia
Session One: June 6 - July 17

For many years I have had a particular doll design called PODD'S, Portly Original Designer Dolls. These are all based on one particular body style. I have come up with all kinds of characters using this one body style and have developed quite a following of PODD collectors.

For the first time I am offering this fun and unique pattern to the public through "Artful Gathering" with "Hop-a-Long" a rather gruffly looking cowboy bunny.

You will learn, in this class, how to combine materials and techniques from sewing fabric, painting fabric and adding clay to the fabric. You will also learn how to use everyday products for shading, stiffening and enhancing your character.

Once you learn the basics of PODD making you will be able to captain your own ship into a whole other world of imagination making these fun unusual characters.

Can wait to bring you into the world of "PODDS".

Tuition: $65
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Lyn Belisle Presents


Creating Personal Spirit Guardians

 Presented by Lyn Belisle
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

Throughout the Southwest, iconic figure sculptures known as Santos (saints) have protected homes for centuries, from the tiniest casa to the largest mansion. Most early santos were very simple creations, often made from such materials as clay, rags, wood, or bone. The manner in which they were placed indicates that they were cherished items of devotion.

In this workshop, we will create two new and personal versions of these saint-figures which will come from our own hearts and beliefs. These NeoSanto guardian are a small assemblages containing cherished objects and hidden words. One of our NeoSantos is constructed on a colorful hand-collaged wooden block and has a medicine-box heart and silk ribbon adornments. The other piece, which comes from older, more obscure traditions, is a pale, mysterious NeoSanto constructed on stretched canvas using the no-colors of bones and shells and bleached twigs.

You’ll also learn how to make your own relics and Milagros from air-dry clay and aluminum, as well as tricks and tip for reimagining humble materials as components in these endearing NeoSanto creations.

Teacher Lyn Belisle will guide you through the process of creating your own cherished protector from simple materials and heartfelt purpose. Your NeoSanto can celebrate and protect anything that is dear to you – your home, your studio, even your personal creativity and muse.

Tuition : $85
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.


Penny McDonald Presents*1vyfiGDxwvOOZGzuIbSXSsuUvAg9fuhxBndLzt62wszUFY9L4wSbP92lIOg1jNBTp2jS4EQB*/ReliquaryColdConnectionfinal.jpg


Aiming for the Divine:
Relics of a Straight Shooting Woman

Presented by Penny McDonald
Session Two: July 16 - August 26


Do you collect things? Do you delight in the strange, the discarded, and the old? Have you ever wondered how you could use some of these weirdly wonderful items in your artwork? Have you dreamed of taking your art into the third dimension, perhaps learning to sculpt?

Join me in “Aiming for the Divine: Relics of a Straight Shooting Woman” this summer on Artful Gathering. We will pay homage to strong women of the old west while learning about reliquaries and some of the symbolism incorporated within them.

Using air dry clay, epoxy clay, plaster, texture, textiles and paint you will create your own version of a rustic arm reliquary. I will show you how to meld sculpture with mixed media assemblage techniques to create a unique work of art. The finished piece can be used as a ring holder and an option is included to incorporate a wearable piece of mixed media jewelry!

This class is suitable for all levels of students from the beginner to the experienced. I will take you on an in depth mixed media sculpture journey, guiding you step by step through the process. I will show you how to build an armature and sculpt a gloved hand; demonstrate making an optional removable and wearable reliquary out of found objects; demonstrate soldering, use of tools and construction methods; and teach you texturing and painting techniques. An alternate method will be demonstrated for those not wishing to solder.

I’m so excited to share the transformational process and experience of mixed media sculpture with you. Come with me and create something you may have never before dreamed possible!


Tuition: $115
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.*vbxw2xWAJrVPoDirPQxerfok75deKYLkrJ9t1KofERf2i5fFAhhGiJPslaaBn9iB6yliS/Reliquarywringsdiagonal.jpg


Susan Lenart Kazmer Presents


Talismans Bracelet: 
Making Connections-Altered Surfaces

 Presented by Susan Lenart Kazmer
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

     Build a complete, unique and extraordinary Talisman bracelet using multiple techniques offered on my online workshop. For the first time, I am instructing in detail a complete collection of  techniques for working with metal sheet and wire, surface treatment on metal, altered surface, layering and riveting metal, use and altering of objects and lay out and design to give you a balanced and visually organized piece using multiple charms and layers.  Here are all of the steps to complete your complete and powerful Talisman bracelet.


    Add color, layer and style to your metalwork. Learn personal methods, formulas and techniques for altering, patterning and coloring the surface of  sheet metal.  Work with hand made traditional and nontraditional formulas to create colorful patinas and emulate artifacts from a lost civilization. Build dimensional pieces by dimpling, forming and cold join manipulation.



Combine layers of metal sheet, found objects and paper to create layers of negative and positive space to complete an unusual wearable charms, Talismans and pendants.  Focus on cold joining techniques such as riveting traditional, nut and screw, bundled objects to include paper paper.

Also, learn to add height and dimension by incorporating a technique using tubing which creates a hollow form. Learn clean up and finish work and altering and drilling found objects for attachment.  

Learn wire and forging techniques for solid attachment and movement in detail. Finally learn my techniques for organizing and completing your powerful bracelet.  This is an amazing process for building your metalworking techniques.


Tuition: $150
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Keith Lo Bue Presents


Getting Attached:
Rivets Revealed, encore presentation

Presented by Keith Lo Bue
Session Two: July 16 - August 26


Whether you are making jewelry, sculpture or even fixing a broken object, there will be a rivet method aligned perfectly to your needs. And you'll be amazed at the range of materials than can be riveted: metal, wood, plastic – and even glass, ceramic, paper and stone! No previous metalworking experience is necessary to create these amazing connections.

Filled with Keith's unorthodox but common sense variations on traditional techniques, Getting Attached will show you in step-by-step close-up detail how to create:

Standard "double-headed nail" type rivets
Ball-head rivets
Flush and blind rivets
“Soft” rivets for fragile materials
Tube rivets
Mechanical rivets

Continuing Lo Bue's tradition of explaining the “why” as well as the “how”, you'll gain new insight and understanding into the materials you use in your creative endeavors. Plus his usual bevy of time-saving tips and tricks will have you rivet-ready and raring to go in no time. So put the glue away for a rainy day and endow your artwork with the strength, beauty and depth that only a rivet can provide!

Tuition: $150
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Sandra Duran Wilson Presents


The Gift of the Raven: Awakening Your Muse

 Presented by Sandra Duran Wilson
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

Transform Your Art with Layers is an acrylic painting technique and process workshop that will result in a double painting (one mounted on top of the other). The process will inspire the novice and challenge the more experienced painter. I will venture with you from start to finish, through the twists and turns of building layers, creating textures and adding vibrant colors. I will hold your hand through the intermediate, not so pretty phase, and push you to let go of the preciousness of your process. You will emerge on the other side and be more confident in your color choices, compositions, tools and techniques.  I will walk with you through the steps, and for the more confident, I will suggest alternative choices and innovative ideas you may wish to follow.

I have written 6 books on art techniques and monthly columns for Cloth Paper Scissors and articles for Acrylic Artist Magazine. I bring my experience to this course to provide a rich in-depth process on how to add multiple layers that will result in very sophisticated artwork. The combination of the techniques, along with how to integrate the layers will inspire all levels of experience. The most unique aspect of this class will be how I work with you and guide you to become a better painter by turning off the negative critic and listening to your inner muse. The tricks and methods I share will challenge you to create beyond where you have gone before and help you develop the confidence to paint courageously. 

What you will learn in this class:

  • Color mixing and how to create vibrant colors with glazing layers
  • How to enhance your composition skills and learn about linking shapes
  • The ins and outs of working with acrylic gels and pastes-a valuable lesson in itself
  • Working with acrylic paint viscosities and opacities
  • Developing values in your painting
  • Working with crackle products
  • Design your own collage papers
  • Make your own stamps
  • Anytime transfer-some terrific tips for getting a great image transfer
  • Adding dimension to your painting with sculptural elements
  • Make a silver leaf skin
  • Creating both implied and applied textures
  • Integrating layers
  • How to use different brush strokes to get broken color, add highlights and depth with shadows
  • Priming, sealing, final finishes and hanging tips
  • So much more……

Tuition: $115
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Michelle Belto Presents

Wish You Were Here!
Snapshots From the Road

 Presented by Michelle Belto
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

Join encaustic and mixed media artist Michelle Belto for a vacation to remember!  Armed with a healthy dose of imagination, a few art materials and some amazing “found friends and family,” we will document our adventures with personalized paintings.  Best of all, Michelle will show you how to create your paintings in both encaustic (hot wax process) and faux encaustic (acrylic). Those who love the look of encaustic, but don’t want to work with heat can find a satisfying acrylic alternative.

This workshop begins with our creating our own collage materials from found papers, such as old envelopes, recipes and book pages.  We will distress and age these papers so that every inch is interesting and useable.  With these uniquely designed papers and a handful of family or “found family” snapshots, students will create a story inspired by their own real or imagined experiences.  A variety of mixed media materials will be used to provide details, color and texture before applying encaustic or faux encaustic medium layers. 

With her detailed instructional approach, Michelle takes you from inspiration to finished painting in a way that facilitates learning that can be replicated over and over with different themes and subjects. Extensive handouts and an annotated material list makes it easy for everyone, even a beginner, to create stunning souvenirs of the journey.

In this class you will learn:

  • To create unique collage materials from vintage found papers
  • To prepare a canvas support for encaustic and faux encaustic painting
  • To use vintage found and family snapshots in an imagined story
  • To create depth and complexity through layers of wax or acrylic faux encaustic medium
  • To understand which mixed media materials work best on wax and acrylic to provide texture, detail and color
  • To finish paintings in both encaustic and faux encaustic to create a professional and pleasing look

Tuition $95
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.


Roxan O' Brien Presents


Spirit Shield

Presented by Roxan O' Brien
Session Two: July 16 - August 26 

Roxan will lead students thorough a step-by-step process to make a spirit shield pendant using her colored pencil technique. She will show you how to make a unique necklace to hang your pendant from or just wear it from a chain. Even if you have never make a piece of jewelry before you will be able with a few tools to create a beautiful piece you will be proud to wear.  A more advanced student will find this project a way to hone their skills and learn a few new ones.

Here are the skills you will learn:

  • Proper tool use
  • How to use metal stamps
  • Texturing with a hammer
  • Patinas
  • Tips that make your work easier
  • Coloring technique using PrismaColor Pencils
  • Wire work
  • How to rivet
  • How to seal your piece
  • Designing techniques

Tuition: $95
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Eva Sherman Presents


Metal Morphosis

Presented by Eva Sherman
Session Two: July 16 - August 26


Fusing is a wonderful way to add beautiful organic texture to your jewelry designs. Depending on materials, the possibilities are endless! I’m going to show you a few possibilities, but once the technique is mastered, you will want to create some of your own patterns and designs. In addition I will show you five different Jewelry projects incorporating fused metal. 


Kim Beller Presents


Between the Pages:
Plaster Techniques and Visual Journaling

 Presented by Kim Beller
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

In this workshop, students will create a beautiful plaster covered journal, using plaster and other mediums. The book will be finished with the ancient Coptic binding technique, with easy to follow, step by step instructions.

Once the book-making is complete, students will learn a variety of visual journaling techniques to fill the pages. This is where the magic happens as you move on to the Visual Journal Exploration portion of this workshop!


Kim will share with you the many techniques, prompts, and inspirations she has used over her many years of her art journaling.

"When we trust our internal voice and let go of expectations, we open ourselves to a world of creativity and certainty- exploding with endless possibilities and knowledge."

The practice of visual journaling guides us and helps up to acquire insight and understanding of the creative process through raw, honest, vulnerable truth, which is in essence, captured on our pages. A constant element of change occurs as we move through the ebb and flow of our lives, and our journal offers a safe and sacred space to explore, unfurl, reflect, and bring forth change in our world."

-Kim Beller

Some of the techniques you will learn in this workshop:

  • Working with plaster and plaster gauze to construct covers for a journal
  • Coptic stitch book binding with kettle stitch
  • Techniques for embellishing plaster covers
  • Art/ visual journaling techniques
  • Collage and layering
  • Mixed media fun
  • Journaling prompts
  • Painting and drawing ideas
  • Using inks and paints to distress pages and covers
  • A bonus at the end!!

Tuition: $125
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.*cdjxCjz0OtFFGtrVIbYnPigisIgXT8DmfamCGRc5GD2Vz8KKWv9vJ1VwPY*r*mmYgzlf/unnamed4.jpg

Gaye Sekula Presents


Let's Face It:
An Acrylic Portrait Workshop

 Presented by Gaye Sekula
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

This workshop is for beginner through advanced. The beginner will learn how to paint with Heavy Body Acrylics and the Advanced can apply their knowledge to my particular technique, which  is probably best described as “broken color”. (Official definition: “Broken color is the technique used by Impressionist painters in an effort to capture the actual sensation of the light! The length of brushstrokes can vary from painting to painting determined by the mood or feelings of the painter on that day.“)

The most common remarks concerning my work are on my use of brushstrokes and color.  The way I work lends itself best to what is called “Alla Prima”, loosely translated “the first”,  meaning the painting is done in one sitting, rather than over a period of days, weeks. Since this workshop is in acrylic, which dries quickly, Alla Prima is almost a given. But the more timid or fussy can work on it for as long as they want and, if they don’t get too fussy, the results will look the same. I think the speed in which they will be encouraged to work will be fun. Once they get over their initial fear they will have to default to intuition which usually brings very pleasant results.

I will explain why I recommend specific materials, demonstrate brushstrokes and palette knife techniques. Students will be provided with a reference photo which all will be asked to use for their first painting. I encourage each student to share the stages of development of this painting. Once students have completed the first painting, they are encouraged to paint from their own reference photo, with guidance and critiques offered along the way.  

I will cover how to varnish and frame, cover the ethical use of other’s photographs, give an overview of gallery and art organization’s policies, including what jurors look for in a good painting and will wrap up with what I feel are the most important things of all!


Tuition: $75
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Kim Williams Presents*ihY2rZH96Kq7Ko*0-S5Zt*SkCI8eip/togetherdecorated.jpg


Whimsical Grotto Reliquary

 Presented by Kim Williams
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

Elevating and transforming an ordinary object is one of my favorite pleasures. Nothing excites me more than to alter an unassuming cigar box into an art piece. Whimsical Grotto Reliquary is the second of a series of Reliquary classes I have developed for Artful Gathering.

This winter I presented Holy Divine Reliquary. Now I bring you a new version that is all about festive summer fun with a little "splash" of humor thrown in to delight your imagination. Like my winter class, we will deconstruct a simple box and redesign it to use as an alter or display.

Use your own art prints or collage work. I'll be sharing where I got my prints if you'd like to purchase them too.

Skills covered:

  • Sculpting
  • ICE Resin
  • ICE Enamels Collage
  • Deconstruction/Construction
  • Using found objects 

Tuition: $135
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.

Paul Cristian Cordos Presents


Native American Jewelry Inspiration

Presented by Paul Cristian Cordos
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

Join wire bending artist Paul Cristian Cordos for this fun series of project demonstrations where you will learn how to create a feather shaped wire necklce, a hair pin, feather earrings, a brooch. All formed in wire!

Pat Stacy Presents


Pat's Patinas

 Presented by Pat Stacy
Session Two: July 16 - August 26

When I first started working with metal paints and patinas, I loved that idea that natural colors of iron rusting and copper and bronze turning blue and green could be applied to wood and canvas.  I had already begun to incorporate symbols and fine lined iridescent areas into my work.  It was natural that the 2 processes should meet.  I have loved the interesting textures and unpredictability of the chemical reaction between the paint and the patina.  It is impossible to create 2 alike.

Students will learn to use the metal paints, apply the patinas, and apply the fine line work and symbols to create paintings that are fun and meaningful to themselves and others.  It is fun to watch the surfaces turn colors as the patinas work their magic on the paints.   This class is well suited for beginners, and basics of using acrylic paints are inserted throughout the class.  Advanced students will want to add textures and experiment with combinations of patinas and textures.  The students will create a minimum of 3 small 6” x 6” paintings on wood cradles suitable for framing. Students are encouraged to do more if their time permits.

Students are asked to find symbols meaningful in their lives to incorporate into their work.  They may search any culture, combine cultures, or make them up to put in their work. They are encouraged to make the paintings have stories or meaning for them.  

Tuition : $85
DVD in-session student pre-order option will be offered at the close of this workshop.