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Welcome to Artful Gathering!

Artful Gathering offers online art retreats in two back to back sessions every summer. We are dedicated to introducing workshops that embody the presenting artisan's unique approach and methodology as part of their creative experience. Learning from independent artists is a great way to acquire knowledge that can help you to boost your art skills, open new doors to your creativity, help develop problem-solving skills.

For nine years we have been working with independent artists who have achieved a level skill through self-taught training/classroom training. Their experience offers you a window into a world that may spark your own creative path or enrich the path you have chosen.

Since many of us lead very busy lives, these types of real-world workshop environments are not always easy for us to travel to. Artful Gathering brings our art retreats to you. Our classrooms provide attendees with the opportunities to interact with their instructors and fellow classmates, and to share finished works with fellow attendees.

As an online community we are like-minded in our passion for learning and growing artistically while we also embrace the individual uniqueness that makes each artist different.
(Left: Artwork by JoAnn Robinson)

Featured Artist, Karen O' Brien

JUNE 6 - JULY 16

"Imagine a world of undersea folk who live inside dreamy caverns and sandy reefs deep below the sea.

Magical mermaids and other unique creatures are part of this Fin Folk story developed by mixed media artist Karen O' Brien."



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Gallery Highlights

we love our attendees
I can't say enough about how much fun I had with Artful Gathering. It’s wonderful how you can access the classroom any time of day and work on it when your time allows. It’s so helpful to be able to go back and review the classes. Our class had many talented and creative people in it and it was awesome to be able to get feedback from them.
Joy Jones

artful Attendee

"Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats allow flexibility in learning new techniques and connecting with some amazing artists."

Keli Sim DeRitis

Artful Attendee

"It is evident that Artful Gathering does their utmost to make this a cohesive, well oiled, well maintained and enjoyable venue. It surpasses any online class that I have attended via any other venue. The best thing too is that you get to jump into conversation, compare notes, SEE other students work, and suggestions. LOVE IT. I will be back!"
Rosemary Frew

Artful Instructor

"Enjoy your yearly art classes. I have learned so much each year that I take your awesome classes! I plan to continue to come here every year to learn more techniques to enhance my art journey! Thank you so much for offering an online experience that is top notch!"
Zina Cate

Artful attendee

"AG classes are the best so I have been a regular annual attender since I first heard about them. The format and experience are outstanding from beginning to end. It is truly hard to narrow my class selections to just a few."
Linda Branch

Artful attendee

"Absolutely LOVE Artful Gathering. It gets harder and harder every year to decide which class to take. Classes are exceptional. Teachers are exceptional. And, best of all the class participation is always fun. LOVE it all."

Linda Walsh

Artful attendee