About Us

Artful Gathering continues a eight year tradition of producing the internet's leading online art retreat experience for attendees world-wide.

Perfecting the concept of presenting an online version of a physical art retreat experience, Artful Gathering has brought it's brand of online interactive workshop classrooms to thousands of attendees throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Greece, and virtually any location equipped with computer and high speed internet access.

Many months of planning, collaborating, and organizing go into the final creative experience of each new summer online event. Workshops are always new each year, as presenters design and prepare their workshops for our very special community. Our attendees grow in number each year reuniting with us, each of us touching thousands of lives along our journey.

Artistic discoveries change and evolve over time enhancing the beauty of our experiences through one-on-one learning, building of skill levels, expanding our knowledge. Artful Gathering allows attendees to make use of their precious time, while gently challenging the statuesque. We take our time all year to plan and prepare our summer retreats so that our attendees can take their time to enjoy their artistic journey with us.

Artful Gathering's approach to learning has revolutionized the way attendees network and assemble, opening doors to a world-wide audience that might otherwise be prohibited due to travel expenses, time restrictions, and overall attendance costs.

Unlike most art retreats, Artful Gathering's global appeal has united art instructors from all backgrounds, bringing extraordinary perspectives into our classrooms where the key focus is on learning. Without the hype of commercialized products and supplies, Artful Gathering has cleared the decks for authentic life-long exploration in techniques and skill.

Artful Gathering's experience in video production and creative direction combines with the authentic intimacy of self-filming artists, enhancing the visual apprenticeship where all traditional learning begins. Years of collective knowledge, practice and skill represent the embodiment of the Artful Gathering DVD library, which adds an additional level for ongoing reference and study.

The Artful Gathering revolution will continue to merge traditional art study with the latest technology.

Artful Gathering is the creation of Cristina Zinnia Galliher  She has been teaching online workshops since 2009, and  producing and administrating this amazing annual event since 2011.

Designed as an event for people to enjoy globally, Zinnia, as she is known to her art friends, invites artists and enthusiasts from all diversity, time zones, and skill levels.

Zinnia's vision for Artful Gathering is now realized. It is a place for artists to share their techniques and applications in a wide variety of art genres, in a safe and supportive environment. The collaboration of ideas, the welcoming of professionals and enthusiasts who take pride in their own unique creative work and who have an enthusiasm and passion for sharing is why Zinnia recreates this special online event once each year. This is the vision that has gathering thousands of artful students and instructors, a community of individuals, each with his or her own unique artistic voice.

"It is the diversity of our community that makes it possible for all of us to grow as artists and instructors," she says. "Artful Gathering is the place where we give you the courage to say, "I am an artist."

Zinnia's business background includes many years in the retail side of jewelry sales and management.

Her art background includes jewelry design, drawing, folk art, and mixed media. Zinnia’s earliest years of study include enrichment from the Gemological Institute of America where she studied jewelry design, jewelry making diamond setting, and repair. Her art studies broadened toward drawing and design which ultimately led to creating and teaching mixed media art. For the last ten years her art has sold nationally and locally. Teaching online art workshops and building her online art communities which includes Bring Your Wings and Roses On My Table, have now became her full time passion.

Contact: zinniatreasures@aol.com