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 Program Information 


Secure and Convenient Structure: Artful Gathering Summer Online Events are presented exclusively at this password protected website. We do not send you outside of this secure network in order for you to join any social media groups, websites, or blog forums.

Enrollment Application.   The process begins with your purchase of the Starter Pass. You will create your own private username and password. Please make note of it so you can log in and out of this website when registration opens on May 1, 2019. At that time, you will receive access to the private pages of this website.

Included in the Starter Pass. Beginning in the month of May 2019, you can participate in all of our sponsor related activities and contest giveaways, view any sponsor-related tutorials provided, and you will be included in all our retreat news and information. 

Workshop Tuition Factors. The prices for our each workshop vary. Workshop tuition for each individual class offered is dependent on several factors which include the scope of the workshop, the total video duration, and the scheduling availability of the instructor. 

Workshop Tuiton Range. Typical rates are from $75 to $150.

Workshop Descriptions. Our workshop descriptions include the general details of the class outline, and a general materials and supply list. In depth supply lists are provided with your tuition purchase.

Art Supplies and Kits. Materials are not included in the tuition and can be found locally or online at most art and craft stores. (Your instructor may offer optional kits that you may purchase directly from them while supplies last).

Workshop Duration. Artful Gathering workshop allows for six weeks of 24/7 access to your workshop videos/materials and your instructor. We offer an additional two weeks for video review.

Interaction. Throughout the duration of your classes, you can go at your own pace, interact with your retreat mates, and ask your instructor questions inside the classroom.

Video Information. All video content and materials are accessible on the first day of class. Some instructors will add bonus content at their own discretion.

Videos are not downloadable and are copyright protected by the presenting instructor and Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats.

Video Runtime. The minimum total duration for our art workshops is 60 minutes of complete video time and up to 12 hours. Runtime depends on the instructor's teaching style and the depth of the workshop.

Please read our workshop descriptions carefully so you can plan your time accordingly.

Fast Tracking. You may join a workshop that is in progress for up to two weeks after the commencement of the first day of class. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the class by the regularly scheduled closing date.

DVDs. A DVD version of the online class(s) you are taking may be available for purchase. DVDs are sold separately at the conclusion of your online class.

DVD releases to the general public (those who are not taking the online version) are not available until after the event concludes, at which time they will retail at full price.

Student Value Pre-Order Pricing. Participating student prices start at $35 for a single DVD and up to $85 for 4 disc sets. Our DVDs are produced and distributed by one of the nations leading DVD producers. Our team works closely with our DVD producer to ensure quality presentation and design.

Regional zones are customized to order for shipping internationally and domestically. Delivery for in-session students is and February, following the conclusion of Artful Gathering.


Communication with Your Instructor. Your instructor has created their workshop presentation with you in mind. If you need help with a particular concept or step, feel free to ask questions and to post your photos inside your classroom. Instructors will typically respond within a 24 hour period. Exact times for responses may be dependent on individual instructors' timezones. Be sure to check into your classroom for updates and news.

Your e-Mail Address The e-mail address you provide us with is our only means of communication. Please be sure to regularly check the e-mail address you used to create your attendee account. You may use one address for Paypal, and another for your log in at Artful Gathering. Please be sure to keep us informed if you are not receiving communication from us. We do not spam, and we do not share your e-mail address.

Refunds Tuition refunds may be given before a workshop begins. Once the workshop has begun, tuition is non-refundable.

Attendee Responsibility It is the attendees responsibility to use devices which are compatible with our platform. Fast internet speed, and fast devices are required to enjoy viewing our classrooms videos. Internet Browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended.

iPad and iPhone devices will need an Adobe Flash-friendly browser in order to access some of the features inside the classroom, where internet browsers such as Google Chrome are more compatible. Always consult an Apple technician for advice.


Solicitation, Spamming or Sharing. Under any circumstances, it is never acceptable to send messages within the site that solicit any service, person, or product and will be grounds for removal from our event. Each workshop attendee may use ONE e-mail address for class log in. Sharing will result in immediate dismissal.

Privacy. Artful Gathering will NEVER ask you for your passwords. Violation of our rules and considerations will result in permanent dismissal from our events.

Sharing your company badges and web address. Please refrain from posting or promoting business logos, websites, or outside branded promotional material within our community photo art gallery. Please contact Artful Gathering if you would like to be sponsor.

Technical Help. While Artful Gathering does not provide technical support services, we do everything within our means to answer basic questions and to assist our guests with suggestions and guidance. Please e-mail us: info@artfulgathering.

Disclaimer. Attendees are responsible for testing out all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops BEFORE purchasing online workshops. High speed and steady internet access, fast network speed, and/or a strong wifi connection are required to view our videos.

Safety. Artists use a wide variety of materials and tools. Students should always observe proper safety according to the manufacturer's directions.