Director's Notes

Artful Gathering is celebrating our 9th annual online art retreat and we have a very a special theme we'd like to share with you!

This year, we are presenting "Eyes Wide Open," a theme that focuses on the creative process with intent.

Intuitive art is a free flowing process, a perceptive that allows us to receive guidance through our inner awareness. It gives us broad latitude for experimentation and heart centered engagement. In it's pure form, it is an inspired practice. But, many beginning and intermediate artists get frustrated way too early in their learning journey whenever the solid foundations of knowledge are not laid down before the inspiration calls.

In recognition of our 9th annual event we would like to return to the beginning of our journey, recalling our roots as independent artists of all stripes and levels.

We believe that if creative intent was described as a room, it would be a  laboratory; a place where we make observations about a creative process, where we ask a lot of questions, and where we put our theories into practice in order to learn what happens.

With our focus on our intent, we don't want to rely on others to tell us what our eyes are seeing, because our own eyes are communicating knowledge to us in a way that speaks to our own desire for discovery.

Thomas Edison once said,
"Genius Is One Percent Inspiration, Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration."

Professional artists will normally agree that it takes a lot of hard work and practice to learn new skills in order to produce great works.

What is a great work? Perhaps it is a work that comes directly from your learning experience.

Eyes Wide Open is about seeing, observing, learning, practicing, studying, being present in the moment and experiencing for yourself the order of the designs laid out by your instructors.

Your learning experience is unique to yourself, and to help you focus your creative intent, I'm sharing all of my handmade journal classes with our 2019 attendees.

My hope is that they will aide you in finding creative ways to keep notes, draw out your ideas and inspirations, and catalog your journey.

I will be offering all of my journal making video workshops included with your $5 registration. You may use the workshops to reference your learning journey, but we ask you that you keep any Artful Gathering workshop lesson notes personal/unpublished so that your instructor's copyright material is preserved.  

We encourage you to make time in your schedule to apply the techniques and lessons with a view to learning through application. To ask a lot questions in class, and to share your progress by photographing your work and posting these photos inside your classroom.

Cristina Zinnia Galliher, Creative Director

Making it Personal