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Griselda Tello

this summer at artful gathering

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artful Gathering 2019

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Artful Gathering

JUNE 6 - AUGUST  26    2019

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Griselda Tello

I have been inspired to create Spirit Art Dolls as a means of relaxation, although painting is my first love, assemblage art figures have become an essential spiritual practice.

I love the process of sculpting with polymer clay and working with textiles to make a doll inspired by ancient cultures, folklore and nature. I have found in this an element of reverence and gratitude, some may call it a moving meditation and I would love to share this experience with others.

I believe making your own doll offers the student an opportunity to tap into the subconscious mind, because once you are comfortable with the use of assemblage materials and art supplies the task of creating an art doll from an everyday object sparks the student imagination in all directions.

Making a Spirit Art Doll becomes almost an intuitive process and the benefits are without question enjoyable.

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Griselda Tello

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