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  • I love this project-learned a lot from you and want to thank you for an amazing class.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  • Hi Barbara, 

    Thank you for taking part in the Artful Gathering Online Event this year! I hope you enjoyed the Captive Queen Project and that I will see you here again next year : )

    The video presentations will still be available to you for the next two weeks and I am happy to answer questions for as long as you need me to! For those of you interested in making more...the DVD Pre-order button for this project is "live" and can be found between the Orientation and Materials & Kit buttons under the heading. Be sure to download the templates and Materials list as this will not be available on the DVD. This is an Artful Gathering limited time special price for students at $ 55.00 USD plus shipping and will ship by December 15, 2019. I have a few of the kits left-without the pre-made bird, on my online store, and I will keep it available for the next two weeks a look around my store while you are there and you might spot some interesting tools and supplies. Wishing you all the best in your creative adventures and remember that inspiration needs to find you working !  



  • Thank you so much.  I got two wolves and sorry to say I  beheaded them,  filed their necks and put the two heads on.  I used the clay to fill in and add testure.  I love making them.  Do you want to see a closer look of him.  I will tak another picture.   Thanks again.

  • I love your circus doll and performers.  Can you introduce me to the wolf?

  • Barbara thanks for asking about the cats, here is the image of the cat faces, they are not part of the kit but they will be available at my Etsy shop in case people want to purchase them instead of making their own.3155497060?profile=RESIZE_710x


  • Hello Barbara,it is wonderful to see you back in my workshops, thanks for your order on the kit as well as registering for my Sugar Skulls class.  

    I will process your kit as well as the extra cat faces and will ship as soon as they are ready.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  My very best.  Griseda

  • Hi Barbara,
    Thank you so much for registering for "The Captive Queen" project! I look forward to sharing my passion for mixed media and metal embossing with you!
    Have a great Summer!

  • thank you and can't wait to see what you create next

  • Hi Barbara ... Thanks for all the kind  comments... " Desert Spirits' was an awesome class... You did some lovely work .... and I really like the size and look of your spirited dolls..BEAUTIFUL .

    I'm taking  Gaye Sukela" Let's Face it: Acrylic Portraits  workshop next ...that will be a stretch for me ( ha Ha) ...  Have a wonderful creative time with Lynn, my Friend... Dolly Hugs

  • I got the faces from Griselda on her esty site.  I used the vanish she had listed just used the matted finish and put it on really heavy.  I am taking Lynn Belisle class Neosanto spirit.  Are you taking any other classes?

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