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  • Hello Mary Jane, thanks for your warm welcome, I am looking forward to meeting good friends in here.  Your work is so lovely.  Best success in your workshops.  Gris

  • Hi MJ!  I'm a little late to the party but I have this question.  I bought you DVD since I missed the previous class.  Is this one the same or are there updates?  I love your work and don't want to miss a single thing!  ;)

  • Hi MJ! So happy that I am able to take this class with you as I missed the first one! Although I am juggling quite a few other projects at the moment.....I will definitely be making time to make my dolls as I need 4 finished to take to South Africa with me when I go for a visit in September! Lots of love xx

  • Hi Mary Jane,
    I cannot figure out how to get into the classrooms and open the classes. Somehow I did it yesterday but can't figure it out today.
    Barbara Saul
  • Hi MJ, thanks for all you nice comments on my work this year, I hope you have a full house for you class this year, one if the best in my opinion!!
    Wishing you all good things:)
    See you in the fall for your next class!! Xoxo
  • I'm in the metro Phoenix Area. Half my family is from NY too - my dad's side. One of my sisters lived briefly near the Vegas area a couple years ago, more of a suburb, which was okay as long as we didn't get on the freeways there - then we were totally lost! :) She did take me up to the mountains outside of Vegas, though, and they were beautiful. I can just imagine what it must be like where you live. Have you ever been down here for Art Unraveled at the end of July beginning of August? I just found out about it last year, and completely forgot about it this year until it was too late to save up for it, but I think it would be a lot of fun.

  • Thanks so much for welcoming me here - I live in the southwest too!

  • Hey MaryJane ... I “d ike to order two kits from you ..ONE /Standard with the three dolls and One /Flying doll .... DO we need to buy the face sheets ... or are they included in the kits?...I also have a US address  that I can give you. IJ’m looking forward to the class.

    Dolly Hugs


  • Thank you for the welcome email!


  • Hi Mary Jane -- thanks for your welcome on my wall!  I wanted to take your doll class, but it's the second session, and I have two other classes then ( Lyn and Michelle's ).  Session Two occurs at the end of my summer break ( I teach high school ), so fitting in two classes then is enough of a challenge..  Luckily I could order your DVD and so I will watch and create during the first part of the summer when I have more time!  Yay!  Perhaps next summer I will be able to get you 'live'.  Anyway, everyone who signed-up for you is in for a treat.  You give all your students so much, and I am still in awe of your ability to be present to lots of folks in an online setting.  Enjoy your summer.  :)

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