My Eyes Wide Open...


EYES WIDE OPEN is the theme we celebrating this year. We invite you to post your EYES WIDE OPEN experience, by sharing with us the defining moments in your art journey when your eyes were opened to new perspectives, what they mean to you, and where they have lead you.

At the close of Artful Gathering 2019, we will share each little story with credit to the name you include at the end of your post.  Please feel free to click on the 'My Art Journey' link below to post your entry. You are welcome to include photos!


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  • Hi Paula! Welcome to AG2016!

    I invite you to go Slightly Mad and/or a Little Nuts with me this year! If not, I do hope we bump elbows somewhere inside AG! Can't wait to see what you create this summer! -Susan

  • Wow, that's a long time friendship for sure. :) since grade school huh? 

    I would feel left out for sure if I weren't in MJ's class...we have the best group there!  

  • Hi Paula, and thanks so much for the compliment. So you and Donna are friends...I've had a few messages back and forth with her and she seems like a very special person.
    And you certainly will not be missing me in Mary Jane's class...I'll be there. Already stocking up on shrine type goodies. Glad to know you'll be there too. :)
  • Hey Paula you sweetheart.  How wonderful to see you signed up again, and can you believe we're at AG 2016 already? This is my 6th year, but the first as an instructor which doubles the fun for me. :) I'll say to have a great time in your classes, but I already know you will. :)

  • Welcome to AG 2016, Paula!  So good to see you here and wishing you a wonderfully creative time this summer!

  • Hi there Paula,

    Welcome to AG  2016 ! Hope you'll have a wonderful time here !

    It would be great to welcome you in my mixed media class "The Art of Serendipity" ; but whatever workshop you'll choose, it's bound to be awesome and I'm wishing you lots of fun !

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