Student Work 2017

This was a fun class. I painted both sides of my rocks and that doesn't work because now I have to choose a side to display, gggrrr. Thank you, Zinnia, for such a wonderful class. I typically collect rocks whenever I go to the beach so I have a few and will be creating more sacred rocks. I also found some on beaches in the Cyclades and Croatia. They are so smooth and will work beautifully.

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  • Unfortunately I am a complete disaster when it comes to plants.  I do thank you for the thought tho and will stay inspired by your designs!

  • Thank you Zinnia and Verni. I too will be making more. Verni, if you lived close by, I would give you some plants. Succulents are so easy to grow and I have plenty.

  • Marvelous collection.  So difficult to pick out a favorite as they all blend together so well!  Now I’m inspired to make more and buy plants!

  • What a beautiful collection of rock paintings! I think you did such a great job expressing the stories told by the native people! Isn't it a thrill to walk out to your garden and see them each day as you go by? 




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