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Leonardo Loves Zia

Starting in 2009, I began on my love affair with paper art and collage. Although I worked on many kinds of surfaces and 3-d objects, my passion has always gravitated towards the art of applying paper to create texture and dimension. This love affair attracts me mainly because I love to use easily obtainable materials and supplies. I like to mix them up any way that I can and I like to combine all sorts of brands. This freedom is the most important thing to me, and I want to share this freedom with you!


 My goal in this workshop is to answer the question, how can we create our own sculpts and art works from every day materials, simplifying the processes as to how to express our ideas out of paper, clay, and glues before we paint them into works of art?

The purpose is to engage our imagination by limiting the quantity of items we will work with. This is truly the nature of play, which leads to discovery and the potential for many new doors to open in your artwork.

I am teaching students how to form a girl and a boy jester doll head and a variety of hats. I will show you how to create a stable standing pedestal bust, starting from the armature up. We will prep and paint our pedestals in a variety of ways, with two different styles to choose from; round or block.

Students who are ardent instruction-followers will easily master the block pedestal style, while students who may desire a more ‘top heavy’ doll head will find complete freedom with the round pedestal style.

I will show students how to shape our doll heads out of *Aves Paper Mache clay, (you may substitute Creative Paper Clay) before moving on to hat making!

I’ll demonstrate how to make jester hats and gnome hats in different styles so you can make as many different hats as you like, learning as we go, many mixed media applications. By the time we are ready to paint our faces, you will have most of your project completed!

In this love story, we must have flowers and we must have an artistically embellished bud vase to display them in (unless you like wall flowers and I’ve got that covered too).

Leonardo’s Lovegram ornament is a bonus project where we’ll be making a little clay heart with mini paper flowers growing up out of the top.
Video Runtime: 780 minutes
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Leonardo Loves Zia



Pumpkin Spirits

 Pumpkin Spirits are standing dolls created entirely out of air dry clay. What makes them especially fun to create is the humorous way in which you can sculpt their faces and their bodies. In this workshop, we’ll be using two different powdered forms of paper mache clay by Aves®, the makers of many fine clay and apoxie sculpt products. You are welcome to try either of the clay brands I demonstrate, or you can even test out other clay as well. You will learn how I mix and prepare the Ave’s brand clay to overlay on top of our armatures, as well as how to sculpt the bodies and faces using a variety of techniques. Layer by layer we’ll go as we develop these fun and whimsical vintage style faces. These funny faces will also be demonstrated for creating seasonal ornaments which can be displayed on a wire tree or garland.
Video Runtime: 300+ minutes.
Optional Kits Availalbe

Pumpkin Spirits



Western Girl Leather Bracelets

This class is part of our Southwestern celebration. Together we will explore techniques for painting beautiful mixed media art designs over leather band bracelets. We’ll explore art paints that are compatible with leather so that your designs will remain permanent and bright using stencils and freehand painting. After we complete our designs I’ll show you how to add metal plates if you so choose to embellish your bracelets. Video Runtime:100+ minutes.

Western Girl Leather Bracelets



Sculpted, Beaded and Bangled Bracelets

I love collecting beads, baubles and crystals. If you do too, here is a class where I share some very creative ways to wear them without a lot of fuss.  Step-by-step I'll take you through the process of selecting and grouping beads together, measuring them to fit your unique wrist size and fitting preferences, and how to create a simple closure using easy to find metal wire. I'll also share with you my methods for creating 'clay-like' bangles that are waterproof and rock hard! I'll demonstrate these artistic 'sculpted' bracelets using AVES apoxie sculpt, which is a brand that is a staple of my artist toolbox. Video Runtime: 180+ minutes

Sculpted, Beaded and Bangled Bracelets




Nature Casting


Bring the beauty of nature into your artwork. If you have ever treasured the beautiful patterns in nature, you can observe that no two flowers look exactly the same way. Yes, they may resemble each other, and they may share the same scientific name, but nature casting allows you to take a snapshot of that moment in life when a bud or flower spray can be memorialized and added to your jewelry or as fobs to your art journal and study books. Nature casting shares my techniques for creating molds and making durable casts using apoxie sculpt. We'll create handmade beads and charms! Video Runtime: 60+ minutes.


Nature Casting




Creative Bottle Tops

Creative Bottle tops are made possible using a product produced by Aves Studios. In this class, I will show several techniques that I apply to my bottle work in order to achieve lasting and beautiful effects.  Video Runtime: 30 minutes 

Creative Bottle Tops




Welcome Students!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my online video workshops!

I'd like to share a little bit about my class presentation style. Come as you are. No matter your skill level or your interest, my workshops are geared to inspire you and to share with you a wide range of applications and processes that you can use to create the projects photographed in my class descriptions.

My three pronged approach includes:

  Clear demonstrations, articulated in complete explanation and example.

  Inspriational ideas to jumpstart your creative perspective.

Product and brand substitutions where possible, for the best results.

I've been teaching online workshops since 2009. I enjoy learning new things alongside my art friends, students and colleagues. If you have been a member of either or both of my online communities, Roses On My Table and Artful Gathering, you know how much my creative communities mean to me, and how important it is to keep our creative journey's personal and unique to each and every one of us. 

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