Summer Workshops

Queen of Everything 
Session One:
June 6 - July 17
Julie Ryen

Join Julie while she shows you how to create a wearable art pendant that can also be created as a decorative hanging. In this course Julie demonstrates her step-by-step techniques, in detail, while also providing tips for successful completion of your Queen. Multiple design options are presented including two sizes, small or large, three different fiber tassels and a variety of accents.
So many creative possibilities exist with the shrink plastic technique! Shrink plastic is used as accents within the Queen project yet they transition easily to standalone jewelry components or can be incorporated into other jewelry or mixed media projects – the possibilities are endless!

This course is technique driven while resulting in a completed whimsical jewelry design. Julie
will teach you all the standalone techniques that you will then combine to create your own
Queen whether you decide to design her as a necklace or decorative hanging.

This class is suitable for the beginner to intermediate student. As a beginner you will be working with a variety of mixed media supplies that can be used standalone or incorporated into other jewelry projects. You will learn the basics of jewelry design and connecting elements together using wire wrapping and other mixed media techniques.

There is no need for a collection of expensive jewelry tools – the basics are used.
Whether beginner or intermediate you will experience the joy of working with the shrink plastic product and all it offers. Julie has been designing jewelry for over 10 years and throughout this course she will provide you with all her tips and tricks learned through trial and error to assureyour success.

Within this course you will learn how to:

  • Work with a two-part resin, color, multiple pours and setting an image
  • Work with shrink plastic creating a variety of accents that will be used in your Queen
    design yet could be also used in standalone jewelry or mixed media projects
  • Learn to embellish or accent the plastic using colored pencils and stamps
  • Use templates, or paper punches for creating your shapes
  • Learn multiple ways to work with a two-part epoxy clay that can be used for securing and decorating elements
  • Create three different fiber tassel accents
  • Accent your fiber tassels in unexpected ways
  • Create a wire loop / weave accent
  • Letter stamp a message / title using small metal letter stamps
  • Wire wrap beads and elements together
  • Finish your project successfully along with multiple design considerations
  • Julie will share her tips and tricks for getting successful results working with shrink
    plastic, resin in open bezel forms, coloring resin, setting images under resin, and
    working with a variety of mixed media supplies.

Tuition $95
Kit: n/a
DVD: Available for pre-oder (ships March 2020)


 Leonardo Loves Zia
Session One: June 6 - *August 26
Cristina Zinnia Galliher

This is a fun and fast paced in-depth workshop designed to engage your imagination and your love for paper and clay art work.

We will create our characters in the form of two little clowns, Leonardo and Zia.  As part of our love story, we will create beautiful bold paper flowers. We will also create decorative vases to display the flowers in, or alternatively I will show you how you can make them into a wall display. We'll also create a love gram, because the heart is at the center of this workshop!

I will share every step with complete video demonstrations adding substitutional ideas and inspirations to encourage you along the way.

Beginner to intermediate students will learn:

How to create strong armatures for clay and paper
Basic face modeling, finishing and painting
Distinguishing facial features
Creating three different doll heads
Assembling stationary free standing jester sticks


How to create, design, and customize your projects 
How to manipulate paper to form custom sized jester crowns and gnome hats
How to shape and form a variety of boldly painted flowers and stems
Recycling bud vases into works of art
Creating a love gram Jester

Tuition $120
Optional Kit: Yes,  While Supplies Last
DVD: This workshop is not available for DVD.(This exclusive workshop is open June 6 - August 26)


Fin Folk
Session One: June 6 - July 16
Karen O' Brien

Tuition $120

In this workshop students will embark on a creative journey through the process of drawing and painting that begins with the inspiration all the way through to the finished piece.

You will experience the full creative process, which is more than just techniques. I am most excited to share concepts you can build on, as you develop your distinct style.

Whether just beginning or experienced, being able to approach a painting with authenticity and confidence in your choices will help you move forward in your artistic journey.  

The "bones" of how you approach a painting - where you get inspiration, what images and colors sing for you and how you tackle problems along the way all contribute to what makes your art unique.  

Learn ways to give yourself options, expand your "what if.." and move easily from drawing to the surface. I have experienced many students who are fearful of drawing, especially faces.

My approach is gentle, simple and can be addictive! I invite you to "dive deep" with me and explore what is waiting below the surface.

Included in this workshop:

Ways to develop characters and story 
Fun backgrounds with paint, image transfers and gel medium texture
Drawing imaginative faces and simple figures
Watercolor pencil techniques 
How to move from drawing to painting surface
Painting techniques using fluid acrylic paint & Mediums
Finishing touches
Ideas for your loose face drawings

Tuition $120
Kit: n/a
DVD: Available for pre-oder (ships March 2020)


Spirit of the Circus 
Session One: June 6 - July 17
Penny McDonald

This is a fun, technique packed workshop, filmed as though students are standing behind me and watching over my shoulder as I create.  I will guide you from idea, to concept sketch, and on to completion of a darkly whimsical fairy godmother of the circus and her three enchanting performers.

We will literally play with cast off toys as we discuss possible stories for and imagine the "why and how" of these characters.  We will then use the magic of mixed media assemblage as we bring them to life, transforming them into an enchanting, interactive piece of art.  I will show every step and give detailed instructions and demonstrations.  You will be in the studio with me, in an almost real time experience. 

I will teach you how to think through the making your wall doll/shelf out of foam core and how to make it surprisingly sturdy.  I will also discuss other options and describe how those options could be used.  I will show you how to use my scale drawings and measurements to draw and cut out your own Spirit.

We will dress our Spirit in a combination of different printed fabric scraps and our very own custom painted canvas panels. We will then make a skirt/tent that opens and closes to either shield or show off our performers!  We will be on the journey together; I will even guide you through any "happy little accidents" and show you how to recover, adapt, and move forward.

Beginner to advanced students will learn the following:

- How to utilize foam core, caulk and plaster infused fabric to construct a shelf/doll;
- How to attach a flat backed or mask type doll face;
- How to use epoxy clay as both a "glue" and a sculpting medium;
- How to sculpt the doll's torso and neck;
- How to select, clean, prepare and cut down/add to different types of toys;
- How to reassemble and/or add sculpted details to the toys;
- How to determine proportion and scale;
- How to create a palette of nostalgic circus colors;
- How to paint circus inspired designs and make up;
- Fabric distressing techniques;
- How to sculpt simple flat backed hands for the doll;
- How to incorporate paint/texture techniques to simulate age and wear,
- How to construct a wig for the doll using wire, fiber fill, and yarn;
- How to combine completely unrelated items and make a totally cohesive work of art!

Tuition $110
Optional Kit: Yes (while supplies last)
DVD pre-order option (March 2020 delivery)


Illustrated Watercolor Journaling
Session One:
June 6 - July 17
Hannah Ineson

Beginning and intermediate students welcome

Join Hannah Ineson for a fun-filled creative workshop where you will explore the fun and freedom of watercolor journaling pages that can be applied to recording your life through illustrations of objects, places and things all around you.

Journaling topics might include travel or vacation memories, illustrating poetry or song lyrics, gardens, farm markets, food, your home town and much more.

Students who are new to journaling may think they need a lot experience in drawing or watercolor but find it is much less intimidating than creating a painting.

One of the benefits of journaling is that it is just for you, not a public audience (unless you want to share it!). You can express yourself freely, with drawing and painting that suits your skill level.

Drawings are symbols and may range from whimsical to sophisticated depending on your experience and style.

The color you add also will reflect your own personal style - there is no right or wrong when it comes to journaling!

My approach is to start with basic materials and simple skills, including lettering, drawing and watercolor, taking you step by step through several sample pages, until you begin to feel confident enough to tackle other subjects of interest to you.

Intermediate students will also enjoy this class, as my approach is flexible and there are new things here that might inspire you to take journaling to a new level.

Painters also may use a journal to develop plein air skills, and sketch ideas to carry out in the studio.

Whatever your skill level, everyone can create a personal work of art to enjoy for years to come.

Tuition $85
Kit: n/a
DVD: Available for pre-oder (ships March 2020)

All Cracked Up
Session One: June 6 - July 17
Roxan O' Brien

In this workshop, students will focus on using Korma Crackle, a new crackle medium that has many applications for jewelry!

Jewelry artist and author Roxan O' Brien, will be showing you three different application techniques to produce some really cool colors and crackling effects on jewelry; and how to do three different settings for all skill levels. Beginners are welcome.


Steeling Beauty: Chains, Clasps, and Forms in Steel Wire
Session One: June 6 - July 17
Keith Lo Bue
Encore Presentation

In the search for interesting materials with which to create, the greatest surprises can come from the most unexpected quarters. Take, for example, a cheap, ubiquitous and unassuming roll of steel wire, sold for use in the construction industry.

With some simple tools and layman-ready information, this mundane material comes thrillingly to life. Super-strong, versatile and - best of all - beautiful, this amazing wire can perform like no other material can.

Join internationally-known artist and found-object 'stuffsmith' Keith Lo Bue as he delves into the world of steel wire creativity. Whether you're interested in jewelry, sculpture, mixed-media, textiles or any number of other creative pursuits, STEELING BEAUTY will provide in-depth information and instruction on safely, efficiently and properly working with and caring for this magic stuff.

Learn in detail how to create chains, links, bails, clasps, structural forms, settings and more. Filmed in Lo Bue's Sydney studio, you'll feel like you have a benchside seat from the comfort of your own home.

So learn to create beautiful things with steel wire from one of the artists responsible for bringing it to a mainstream audience and making it such a popular alternative to precious metals.

Tuition $150
DVD order for immediate delivery after event is concluded August 26. Orders are made directly from Keith Lo Bue

Session Two

Beyond the Imaginarium: A Compendium of Holiday Merriment 
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Mary Jane Chadbourne

This new workshop will take you way beyond the original and very popular, “Imaginarium – Anthology of an Art Doll” class with creating all sorts of dolls who will help you ring in the holiday season and with plenty of time to not only enjoy the creating, but be ready for the holidays ahead of time!

This class will take you to new explorations and learning fun techniques!  The first part of the class will be creating a tall Santa and his Elf….a whimsical pair that compliment each other and put a smile on everyone’s face.  Completed with mixed media adornments and no limit to where these techniques will take you and the creative fun you will have along your journey!  There will be new techniques added in this class, along with some favorites of mine from the original class.

The second part is creating my “Deerly Yours” block dolls.  We will explore techniques in watercolor painting whimsical faces incorporated with collage.  Dressing the “deer girls” will give us the opportunity to work in collage, painting and more mixed media techniques!  Each one is truly different and original….all with carrying a festive holiday message. 

If time allows there will be a third project as I always have plenty of holiday ideas up my sleeve!  I love the holidays and creating for them has been a favorite of mine for over 40 years….hoping you will join me in a holiday compendium of merriment making and creativity!

In this workshop:

  • Collage compositions
  • How to work successfully with collage
  • Painting applications for wood
  • Working with watercolors and acrylics
  • Sculpting and creating arms for dolls
  • Creating doll faces
  • Working with modeling paste
  • Creating a transfer technique for a face

 And many more techniques and applications!



Hedge Maze: Into the Creative Process
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Keith Lo Bue

 Tuition $150

 The choices we make in our creativity set a process in motion that can be equally thrilling, intriguing, personal and mysterious. In his latest 
art-making video workshop, you'll join renowned found-object 'stuffsmith' Keith Lo Bue in the sanctum of his studio as he fearlessly ventures into the creative unknown, revealing secrets andinsights into the creative process.

How often are you able to sit back and really see an artist's imagination play out in real time? Here's the chance to do just that, and so much more, as you pore over found treasures collected over decades in search of the next piece in the puzzle. Then using an arsenal of cross-disciplinary techniques, you’ll watch how Keith merges these materials together into a finished piece of complex artwork.

Known for his top quality high-definition video production, original commissioned music and painstaking editing, Hedge Maze will be a true feast for the senses.

A workshop like no other, where the only supplies required are your eyes and your curiosity, Hedge Maze departs from the usual how-to format and takes you directly into the creative moment, where inspiration and chance meet.  It's a rare and intimate opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience or background, to witness a lifelong maker at work. Through Keith's successes and failures, you'll ignite your own imagination and creativity.

Entertaining, inspiring and fun to watch while challenging his and your expectations, Keith coaxes new life from old materials and can spark you to do the same. Come let him be your guide through the maze!


Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Leslie Marsh
Tuition $150

Join book artist Leslie Marsh for this unique journaling workshop where participants will create an 8” by 10” leather journal cover that can easily hold up to four replaceable inserts.

Step by step you will see how to create pamphlet-stitched book inserts.

A pdf for a 2019/2020 calendar to be customized during the class will be provided.

Leslie will also show you how to paint and sew a zippered pencil bag insert.

The book’s cover will be decorated with an embossed pewter or copper framed photo which students will design and create during the workshop.

She will show you several painting techniques to be used on the insert covers and/or pages during your time together.

This book can hold a planner, sketchbook and journal.



The Captive Queen 
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Elitia Hart Tuition

Our Captive Queen Project starts by creating a paper mache bird with basic supplies. Our bird queen will be clad with silver leafing, and a beading mosaic and epoxy clay technique, will shape her wings and legs. 

The pedestal with rounded feet boasts a silver leafing technique and the each of the four sides will be decorated with embossed lead free pewter sheet.

The metal embossing techniques detailed on each side of the cube, includes engraved and embossed lettering, high and low relief embossing, as well as a paint, ink and chemical oxidizing patina. 

Techniques for this class :

Metal Embossing-Three key tooling techniques including lettering on metal and cutouts
How to easily create a paper mache bird with simple supplies
Silver or gold leafing process with application on metal and wood.
Beading Mosaic - with epoxy clay technique in sculpting and embedding.
Various Oxidizing Patina and Paint Techniques
Mixed media tips and techniques on combining metal with paper backgrounds.

This class is appropriate for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. Beginner's will learn a variety of tooling techniques in metal embossing and mixed media from the ground up, intermediate students and advanced students will learn my personal techniques to add to their existing knowledge.

Tuition $125
Kit: n/a


Spirit Art Dolls and Sugar Skulls
July 16 - August 26
Griselda Tello

Making art dolls, specially Sugar Skulls and Dia de los Muertos Spirit Dolls is not always a familiar term for people taking an art craft workshop. Spirit Art dolls or any type of art doll “is born” out of the need to create an object of beauty designed to decorate a room, a personal altar or to facilitate an inner desire to express in a more personal and meaningful way by honoring through art the life of those who have gone before us.

With this workshop I wish to share with my students the traditional celebration of life I learned while living in Mexico, by demonstrating several techniques to make Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Spirit Dolls as well as colorful Sugar Skulls.


 Living Watercolours: Get in the Flow 
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Julie Schroeder

 Discover your inner artist! Come along & have fun experimenting with a variety of watercolor techniques and materials as you paint vibrant & glowing wilderness scenes. Julie will give class demos and individual instruction will help you discover your strengths and develop the inner rhythm & melody of your own unique voice as an artist.


 Lyn Belisle: Favorites By Request
Session Two:
July 16 - August 26
Lyn Belisle

Lyn Belise is on sabbatical this spring, but we are bringing you two of her beloved foundational workshops in mixed media for those who have not experienced her approach to creating no-fail, personal artworks.  This special combination class truly has something for everyone at any level in is six hours of video instruction.

The first class, Artful Faces for Adornment, gives step by step directions for making Lyn’s signature Shard Faces. You will learn the basics of molding and making original small faces and other components for use in your mixed media projects. This class also shows you three easy projects which make beautiful use of the faces - a small art-to-wear collage backed with a magnet, an embellished, enchanting artful journal, and a felt pocket pendant ornament that can be both worn and hung as a small wall hanging.

Next, you will be inspired by a Collage on Canvas workshop that covers absolutely everything -- creating and attaching three-dimensional objects to canvas, using phototransfer on fabric, making your own “aged-with-love” objects, color mixing with acrylic paint, and so much more. This class has never been published on DVD, and it is a treasure.

Lyn will be available to guide you in this combined mixed-media exploration. If you haven’t taken a class from her, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss. And if you have, you will truly enjoy working with her again in “Lyn Belisle: Favorites by Request.”

Tuition $110
Kit: N/A
DVD: Available for pre-oder (ships March 2020)

Talisman: Making Connections - Altered Surfaces
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Susan Lenart Kazmer
Encore Presentation

Tuition $150

Build a complete, unique and extraordinary Talisman bracelet using multiple techniques offered on my online workshop. For the first time, I am instructing in detail a complete collection of techniques for working with metal sheet and wire, surface treatment on metal, altered surface, layering and riveting metal, use and altering of objects and lay out and design to give you a balanced and visually organized piece using multiple charms and layers.

Add color, layer and style to your metalwork. Learn personal methods, formulas and techniques for altering, patterning and coloring the surface of sheet metal. Work with hand made traditional and nontraditional formulas to create colorful patinas and emulate artifacts from a lost civilization. Build dimensional pieces by dimpling, forming and cold join manipulation.



Whimsical Grotto Reliquary
Session Two: July 16 - August 26
Kim Williams

 Elevating and transforming an ordinary object is one of my favorite pleasures. Nothing excites me more than to alter an unassuming cigar box into an art piece. Whimsical Grotto Reliquary is the second of a series of Reliquary classes I have developed for Artful Gathering.

This winter I presented Holy Divine Reliquary. Now I bring you a new version that is all about festive summer fun with a little "splash" of humor thrown in to delight your imagination. Like my winter class, we will deconstruct a simple box and redesign it to use as an alter or display.

Use your own art prints or collage work. I'll be sharing where I got my prints if you'd like to purchase them too.

Skills covered:

  • Sculpting
  • ICE Resin
  • ICE Enamels Collage
  • Deconstruction/Construction
  • Using found objects 


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