Tech Requirements



We are very excited to have you join us this year at Artful Gathering's 8th Annual Online Art Retreat!

Before you get started, please take a moment to view the technical requirements of our website platform and our video presentations. These requirements will enable you to:

  • View Your Workshop Video Presentations
  • Download and Save pdf handouts and materials lists
  • Utilize of the classroom comment boxes for class discusstion
  • Retreive photos of your work from your network so you can post them to your classroom

You may use different computers and mobile devices, but in order to work out any adjustments you may need to make on them, please refer to the information below regarding internet browsers and Flash compatiable mobile devices.

Internet Browsers


Internet Browser Recommendations:

Different internet browsers can be glitchy depending on the website platform they are being run on. For our platform, we recommend Google Chrome for BOTH PC users and Mac users. Firefox and Internet Explorer would be our second recommendation. We do not recommend Safari for the multifunctional requirements of the different media utilized on this website.





Internet Speed Requirements:

You will need fast internet speed and a fast computer/device in order for you to view your classroom videos with clarity and smooth playback.




Desk Tops, Lap Tops, Mobile Devices

Viewing Device Requirements:

Every student will be using his or her own devices to watch class videos. Different devices may include:


We recommend that you test the devices you wish to view your class videos on by clicking on one of our Artful Vlogging videos BEFORE you purchase your workshops. Doing so will help you to work out any adjustments you need to make in order to have the best viewing experience possible.


Video Playback


 Video playback:

If you are experiencing lagging, looping or delays in video playback, try any one of these solutions:

  • Shut down any other programs you have open on your device.

  • Refresh the page upon which your video is playing.

  • Reboot your device.

  • Check with your internet provider to be sure you have fast and steady internet speed.


Wifi and Mobile Connections


Mobile Devices:

If you are using a mobile device with a phone connection or if you are using wifi to view your videos, be sure you have a steady connection and that you are not running into ‘hot spots’ that might be interfering with your connection.

iPhone and iPad

Classroom Comment Boxes :

If you are using ipad or iphone, your device might not allow you to access the ‘tool bar’ portion of the comment box feature. The reason for this is because our comment boxes are compatible with ADOBE FLASH which Apple doesn’t allow access to. To work around this, you can get the puffinbrowser app which is Adobe Flash friendly.

You can install a photo into any comment box on our site, or you can simply leave questions, messages, or comments with no photo included (or both). Just be sure to click the purple button when you are done with your post.





Posting Photos


Community Photo Gallery:

The community photo gallery is a place to share your finised art work from your classes and to give your instructor a shout out.

The community photo gallery is an expression of cammroderie and mutual respect. Please be sure to avoid sharing unfinished work in the community photo gallery and also on any social media websites. This will help perserve the integrity of your instructors lessons and processes which they share only in their classroom settings. 

You are very welcome to share your finished artwork photography on your blog and your social media. If you can credit your instructor, they will be very appreciative.

Artful Gathering will feature and share selected artwork from our community photo gallery

 *ipad and iphone users may need to switch to puffinbrowser in order to use 'see' the photo posting tools on this website.