Video Hop!

Getting to Know Us is Fun!


We love to introduce Artful Gathering Instructors to you so you can learn about  their artistic style and aesthetic!

Find the Secret Words!

Each week Artful Gathering will announce our 2018 Artist Feature in our newsletter, where participants will be directed to that artist's portfolio video. Locate that artist's short video and play until you see the secret words hidden the video, record those words and save them! 

Each week, Artful Gathering will direct you to a new video! Gather all the words every week!


Artful Gathering will then randomly select three winners who have collected ALL the words. 

10 additional winners will be selected at random and will receive an official Art On The Go Art Bag! is sponsoring e-gift card winners so you can shop exclusively a their online store!


Plus, 10 Runner Up Prizes from Artful Gathering!



1. Participants must collect all 35 words in this hop, and you must e-mail them to Artful Gathering by April  25, 2018.

2. This activity will be a random selection from the participants who have gathered ALL the words.

The prizes are real! We do this every year, and we thank our amazing friends at for the prize donations!

Winner's will be announced May 1, 2018.

What do the words add up to?

A wonderful inspiring quote!

e-mail your final word collection entries to:

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Video Hop Schedule

Visit Our 2018 Instructors Tab to Locate the Video of the Week!

*Be sure to play the artist's video on this page to find the hidden words! 

Collect them all until our contest ends on May 1, 2018!

Griselda Tello Video

Gaye Sekula Video

Roxan O' Brien

Julie Ryen Video

Jean Van Brederode

Kim Beller

Kim Williams